2018 Classic Blues Artwork From The 1920s Calendar with 24-Track CD Now Available

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Classic Blues ArtworkThe 2018 Classic Blues Artwork From The 1920’s calendar with free CD will appeal to anyone interested in blues or blues history. It’s a treasure trove of original blues artwork from the earliest days of recorded blues. In addition, each calendar contains a free CD that matches up each month’s artwork with the original recording it advertises. These songs make the calendar come alive!

This year’s CD has a total of 24 tracks: 12 blues classics from blues masters Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake and others, plus 12 super-rare songs by legendary blues artists including two recently discovered tracks by Jab Jones and the Memphis Jug Band. The songs are newly remastered using the American Epic sound team’s amazing restoration techniques. Developed at great expense for the soundtrack of the PBS series, there is less surface noise and more dynamic range than in any previous release of these tracks.


  1. Frisco Town  –  Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie
  2. Strewin’ Your Mess  –  Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
  3. Hot Dogs  –  Blind Lemon Jefferson and His Feet
  4. God Moves On The Water  –  Blind Willie Johnson
  5. Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues  –  Charley Patton
  6. Hard Road Blues  –  Blind Blake
  7. Lead Hearted Blues  –  Bertha Henderson with Blind Blake
  8. Slidin’ Delta  –  Tommy Johnson
  9. Wasn’t That Doggin’ Me  –  Beale Street Sheiks
  10. The Evil Devil Blues –  Johnnie (Geechie) Temple
  11. It’s Cold In China Blues –  The Mississippi Moaner
  12. Happy As The Day Is Long –  Rev. Steamboat Bill’s Revival Singers
  13. I Wonder To Myself –  Tommy Johnson
  14. Brown Skin Angel –  “Hi” Henry Brown
  15. Hospital Blues –  “Hi” Henry Brown
  16. The Devil And My Brown –  Sam Butler aka Bo Weavil Jackson
  17. You Can’t Keep No Brown –  Sam Butler aka Bo Weavil Jackson
  18. Mississippi Boweavil Blues –  Charley Patton
  19. My Love Is Cold –  Jab Jones and The Memphis Jug Band
  20. Poor Jab Blues –  Jab Jones and The Memphis Jug Band
  21. Weary Dogs Blues –  Blind Lemon Jefferson
  22. Jacksonville Blues –  Johnnie (Geechie) Temple
  23. Goin’ Back To Texas –  Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie
  24. Going Back To Memphis –  Charley Nickerson and The Memphis Jug Band

Order the 2018 CLASSIC BLUES ARTWORK FROM THE 1920s calendar with 24-track CD for the price of $29.98 (includes FREE U.S. shipping).

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