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IBC Music On The Couch

(Memphis, TN) – Well, it is only a few days away… Are You Ready For Some Blues!!!???!!!

We spent Monday evening [Jan 23, 2017] talking with Joe Whitmer, COO of The Blues Foundation about the things to do, the things not to do and the things that you have to remember before you leave your homes. We also had a Judges Roundtable with Julia Cruz Magness, Suzanne Swanson (2017 KBA Recipient), Mick Kolassa and Ricky Stevens who talked about the five categories the Challengers are judged against, their thoughts on the way to represent, and the scorecards and their importance to the Challenge. Finally, Michele Seidman joined me to talk about the Women In Blues Showcase, which is on Thursday [Feb 2] at 11:30am at Alfred’s On Beale. You can listen to that show at this link.

What else is there to know before you leave?

Pack extra stings.

Pack an extra cord or two.

Bring twice as many business cards as you think you need.

Make sure you have plenty of CDs or download cards and Give Them To Everyone You Meet.

Bring a little notebook, or at the very least, a pen and make notes on the business cards you receive so you remember the person better.

Ask for business cards when you meet someone. See above!

Weather appears to be mid 50’s and sunny during the day and into the 30’s at night – Yes, Virginia, that is dang good IBC weather!

Don’t try to eat or drink Beale in one night…as Joe Whitmer likes to say “This is a Marathon, Not A Sprint”

Have fun…Network…

Don’t forget to come visit me at fuBAR in Rum Boogie – even non-musicians are welcome!

Finally, please leave your egos at home! You are not the best in the world, sorry, but you are not… know that before you get here and you will have much more fun.

See you all next week!

For those who can not make Memphis, here are the URLs for the LIVE Shows all week:

01/31/17 08:00pm CST LIVE SHOW – #1

02/01/17 11:00am CST LIVE SHOW – #2

02/01/17 06:00pm CST LIVE SHOW – #3

02/02/17 11:00am CST LIVE SHOW – #4

02/02/17 06:00pm CST LIVE SHOW – #5

02/03/17 11:00am CST LIVE SHOW – #6

02/03/17 06:00pm CST LIVE SHOW – #7

And the following Monday is the Wrap-up Show where the winners and more call in to talk.

02/06/17 09:00pm CST Wrap-Up Show

Vinny Marini is owner/host of Music On The Couch, Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With “Musicians You Should Know”. The show streams live on Monday evenings at 9:00pm Central. All interviews can be found on the home site.




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