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Freddy KingBy Erik Otis

SCV is very close to our 500th article in the vintage music “Blast From The Past” series and we have some very special items planned for the continuation into one of our strongest areas on the website. To break in volume 499, we have selected a track off the debut long player from blues icon Freddie King, titled “Lonesome Whistle Blues”. Released in 1961 on Freddy King Sings, the track is filled with an uplifting and raw spirit, containing a mid-tempo rhythm section that bounces with life from start to finish. Freddie King lays down passionate guitar run after run over soul-drenched vocal lines and rolling piano licks. It’s a classic blues piece that has the addition of back-up vocals for an even more dynamic affect then you normally get with blues music of this era.

Born and raised in Texas in his early years, his move to Chicago in the last year of the ’40s aligned him with the worlds most talented bluesmen. Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, T-Bone Walker, Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson and many other greats would help Freddie come up in that harsh terrain and it was with Howlin’ Wolfe that he found one of his most important mentors. Howlin’, Muddy and many others in that scene embraced the young talent, giving him a lot of culture to absorb before he would venture into his own recordings. The greats around him would record with Chess Records for years and when Freddie tried to join the family, he was denied access, labeled as sounding too much like B.B. King. Freddie wouldn’t give up though, finding support from the King Records label shortly after, located with a full functional pressing plant and recording studio in Ohio. The label had a plethora of artists in various genres (R&B, gospel, international, blues, soul) and Freddie would realize a lot of fame in their hefty ranks. Initiated by the success of Freddy King Sings, Freddie would become the highest selling blues artists in America between 1961-1963 and would even cross over into the pop charts. It’s beautiful to go back into his early ’60s phase and hear why, especially as the albums progressed and the instrumental songs were a more dominant feature. Freddie King’s techniques and soul were unparalleled from the start and he is considered one of the three blues kings for good reason.

We welcome you to take part in this special vinyl audio rip uploaded to YouTube with us today and we recommend grabbing any of his albums if you see them on record stores. Freddie King is an artist everyone should celebrate and it brings us great joy to do so today.





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