Blues in the Night… steamy, smoky and spot on

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Blues in the NightBy Maureen Flanagan Battistella /Mail Tribune

(MEDFORD, OR) – With swinging hips and hands that slide skirts up in delight, three women sing lazy, lovely blues in Randall Theatre’s Blues in the Night, which opened Friday [Mar 9] in Medford.

The performers blast out two sets of the 1930s classics made famous by Bessie Smith, Edgar Sampson, Ida Cox, Billie Holiday and others. There’s misery, moaning and lovin’ a good man gone bad. Sultry, sexy, curvaceous women lonely for a man. Ballsy women, busting back at abuse, or loose on a bottle of beer.

Kristen Calvin, Rose Passione and Jennifer Davis de Puglia play the women of Blues in the Night, down and out in a seedy hotel, each in a solitary room dreaming of the past. These performers long for youth, fame, wealth and, of course, a man, performing on a rundown set to fit the melancholy tunes. Calvin, Passione and Davis de Puglia are cast as The Girl, The Woman and The Lady, and these talented women can really scorch the stage with the heat of their performance.

Runs though Mar 25. Find full review and info


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