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Bonita & The Blues Shacks

Sweet Thing is the second release of Europe’s world class blues export, B.B. & The Blues Shacks fronted by female singer Bonita Niessen from South Africa. Great duets go straight to your heart and the rhythm & blues tunes take you out on the dancefloor. Six originals and ten classic, rare covers making this album outstanding. Bonita is right on in the tradition of Ann Peebles, Etta James, Lula Reed and other unforgettable stars of the past. Blues and Soul from the 50’s and 60’s are still alive and this release is another proof.

The CD is jam-packed, 16 tracks that feature a mixture of catchy R&B tunes from a stellar who’s-who of 50s and 60s iconic sass providers. Bonita’s variable and glamorous voice fits perfectly to the B.B.’s, who like to move in the nuances of blues styles up to soul anyway, as well as to the 16 brand new songs on Sweet Thing, ten well-chosen and eloquently interpreted genre classics plus six perfectly fitting original compositions.

And of course, B.B.’s singer Michael Arlt is also on the harp and as duet partner on the microphone. Every song sits here and the album is thoroughly gripping, danceable and enormously varied.

Traditional rhythm & blues and soul to let off steam and melt away.



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