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Nationally syndicated blues TV program reaches 9 cities in California (and one in Boise) with more to follow.

Blues Television Network (BTN) is currently available in 8 cities, mostly in California, with 24-hour blues programming, plus the show offers constant online streaming. BTN provides an outlet for the advancement of American Blues and Roots Music, to preserve the past while honoring the future of one of America’s few truly original art forms.

Aitterce Production was founded by the critically acclaimed Blues performer E.C. Scott with the goal of expanding the visibility of Blues. Utilizing her vast knowledge of Blues and business, E.C. and her dedicated team have made significant progress by creating programming targeted towards the unification, enhancement, and expansion of the Blues Community.

The programs created by Aitterce Production have already received accolades from the community-minded television viewing audiences that are enthusiastic about Blues Music. Through these programs, they look to unite dedicated followers of all Blues and other Traditional African American genres in an effort to strengthen the industry. Aitterce Production also functions as a complimentary outlet where the artists and labels can showcase their talent. They have earned the distinction of becoming the world’s only company dedicated to the unification, preservation and expansion of the Blues community through television programming.

Aitterce Production’s flagship program “EC’s Jook Joint” has done well to fill a long existing void in the industry landscape by offering a service that provides exposure to the Blues trailblazers. To fulfill their dream of becoming a 24/7 Blues music channel, Aitterce launched the Blues Television Network on June 24, 2016. Also known as BTN, this network offers non-stop entertainment from the greatest Blues performers as well as all types of Blues-related programming. This television network has also opened up a world of opportunities for a sponsor to target a dedicated and specific audience and for all involved, from supporters to suppliers, to together make Blues survive and make a living.

When EC was asked what inspired her to create this, she responded, “Love, plain and simple. We love Blues music and want it to flourish. We are committed to making Blues relevant to new audiences. We use television to show people that Blues music is alive and relevant.”

Blues music is known to have its roots deep in the history of America. Originated in the 19th century, this popular musical genre mostly dealt with the expression of human feelings, overcoming adversity, and having fun. Blues music enthusiasts often claim that no other musical form communicates more genuine human emotions.

Aitterce Production’s new music network BTN will accentuate the present generation of Blues artists while showcasing the pioneers of the past. It will cover all facets of Blue music and offer round-the-clock musical entertainment from the greatest Blues performers as well as Blues-related programming. The Blues Television Network also promises to be a great platform for all involved parties from supporters to suppliers to work in tandem and ensure the survival and prosperity of Blues music.

Aitterce Production works with artists to develop, create and produce music videos.

EC’s “Jook Joint” is the flagship program of the brand.

“Drifting the Delta” is a 30-minute show that highlights the music of the Delta and the upper Mississippi. The host, Greg Simmons,  takes you on an amazing journey through the music of the Delta introducing you to the artists of yesterday and today.

To find out more about the Blues Television Network, please visit www.aitterce.com or http://bluestn.com/

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