Buddy & Hopkins’ Archive Farewell Tour Ends

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Buddy & Hopkins

Buddy and Hopkins first appeared in 2003 in the Connecticut Blues Society newsletter. For the first comic strip, it was called “The Blue Smoke Band” which was a band name a friend and I came up with while in high school. While our band never got off the ground, it did provide some material for Buddy and Hopkins and I realized my talent was with a pencil and not with a bass guitar. Buddy and Hopkins was produced weekly for over six years. It’s been published in numerous magazines and society newsletters and can still be found in music publications and entertainment websites around the world! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the archives.

While B&H may be retired right now, like most famous musicians, there’s always the possibility of a reunion tour around the corner. Check in on my Facebook page if you want to see a glimpse of the old strips again and perhaps one day…something new?


Jason Nocera
Creator of Buddy and Hopkins

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