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Chris "Blue" GillSongs For The Soles is a collection of blues from three albums and various recording sessions. Most of the songs have been on a previous collection, but I wanted to present some songs in a different set here! This collection has some acoustic blues, slide guitar, and songs with a full band with some of my favorite musicians!! You can catch sweet guitar tones, honky tonk piano, funky rhythms, fine Mississippi saxophone and all kinds of other good-feelin’ blues sounds!

My love of the blues has touched my life in many ways and has helped me through all kinds of rough situations, as I am sure it has for you. I will do my part to keep the blues going… I know you will do that too.

My “Song For Honeyboy,” was written about Honeyboy Edwards. I read his book, The World Don’t Owe Me Nothing, and felt a song brewing in my mind. I recorded it at Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studios and was honored to get D’mar Martin, Jerry Jemmott and Kid to help make this track come alive. The last verse is in honor of Hubert Sumlin. Before he passed over, he pointed to his guitar and asked the people helping him to, “let me hold her one more time.”

You can purchase Songs For The Soles on Amazon, iTunes, etc. That’s 23 songs for about $9.50… not a bad deal dontcha know? I hope you enjoy this and hope to see you out there in bluesland!

Much love, Chris Gill




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