Chris Cain and his personal blues on Raisin Cain

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Chris Cain and his personal blues on Raisin Cain
By Lucky Clark
Central Maine

One of my favorite things to do in these columns is interview someone for the first time and such is the case this week with a conversation with San Jose, California, native Chris Cain. His recording career began in 1987, and he’s known as a musician’s musician by critics, fans and his fellow guitar slingers. Legendary bluesman Joe Bonamassa states, “Hands down my favorite blues player on the scene today. He’s an absolute blinder a of a guitarist, with the voice of B.B. King and the chops of Albert King.” And speaking of the late B.B. King, that gentle man declared, “Chris Cain? Now that boy can PLAY the guitar!” That’s praise of the highest kind. When my friends at Alligator Records told me about his upcoming debut album, Raisin’ Cain, and sent me a link so I could listen to it. What I heard was a guy who wears his heart (and all other vital organs) on his sleeve and performs with an authenticity that is palpable. I then learned that the CD will be released Friday, April 9, and a request for an interview was made. Shortly thereafter I was on the phone to Cain’s home in San Jose to find out more about the artist and his music.

I introduced myself, and when he discovered that I was calling from Maine, he enthusiastically responded.
Cain: It’s beautiful in Maine, man. Some of my greatest times there were at that festival they would always have right on the coast, ya know?
Q: Oh, the North Atlantic Blues Festival?
Cain: Yeah, that thing is great! (Chuckle) I met a lot of wonderful people there, man. I’ve only been there three or four times, but it was always fantastic stuff.
Q: Can we talk a bit about your soon-to-be-released new CD, Raisin’ Cain?
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