Deanna Bogart spends week with Hopi music students

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(photos by author Stan Bindell)

Stan Bindell/Navajo-Hopi Observer

(POLACCA, AZ) – Deanna Bogart, internationally acclaimed blues musician, spent Dec 10-14 at Hopi High School working with music students culminating in a performance with the students in a coffee house setting in the school’s cafeteria.

About 200 students, staff and family members attended the musical event. The school supplied a free spaghetti dinner.

Bogart, who lives in California, called the visit magical because so many wonderful unexpected moments showed up. She said her work with the Hopi High music students traveled in different musical directions as it should be.

“We all learn differently and have our own set of strengths and weaknesses. Embracing them gives us the key to grow and be better than the day before. It’s my joy to help guide them and watch them learn to soar,” she said.

Bogart said she loved every minute of the coffee house.

“I teared up a few times,” she said.

Bogart said the highlight of working with the students was watching them and hearing where inspiration takes over.

“I was so proud of them…each with their own flavor,” she said.

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