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Diane DurrettThose who think powerful singing comes from shouting need to hear the golden pipes and soul- penetrating talent of Diane Durrett. The extraordinary singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer effortlessly exudes a full range of emotions on her seventh lusty release, Soul Suga.

Ten arousing originals and one classic are backed by a who’s who of Georgia musicians including Yonrico Scott, Melissa “Junebug” Massey (drums), Ted Pecchio, Charlie Wooton, Gregg Shapiro, Chris Price (bass), Markham White, Oliver Wood, Tinsley Ellis, Critter Critendin (guitars), Yoel B’nai Yehuda, Eric Frampton, Brandon Bush, Randall Bramblett, Ike Stubblefield (keyboards), Jon Maret, Daryl Dunn (saxophone), Jonathan Lloyd, Joe Burton (trombone), Kathie Holmes (flute), Miko Bowles (trumpet), Dub Hudson (clarinet), Adam McKnight, Caroline Aiken, Deborah Reece, Peggy Still Johnson, Sassy Singers (background vocals) and Morris Baxter (DJ).

“Show Up Sexy” has steaming female advice then the funky “Butters in the Skillet” cautions lovers. The ballad “All is Well” contains heart-tugging lyrics while the R&B “Be Somebody’s Angel” counsels. Empowerment rules in “Push the Push Back,” and the enticing “Let Go & Let Groove” invites you to, “let Soul Suga move ya’.” Durrett then tells the tale of vivacious blues singer “Sassy Larue” featuring Woods’ burning guitar solo. Some may blush at the cheekiness of blues shuffling “Woohoo,” while the melancholy ballad, “I Know Your Nothings,” expresses a yearning that’s hard to express. The anthemic R&B of “Bright Side” is uplifting. “Let It Be” closes with Bramblett’s gospelly piano and soaring tenor sax solo while Durrett internalizes McCartney’s consoling lyrics.

Diane Durrett serves up “suga” for the “soul” both hot and sweet. The deep feelings in her music and voice are a spiritual tonic during tough and celebratory times.




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