Festival has delivered a bit of the Bayou and Blues to Long Beach for 30 years

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(Long Beach, CA) – When you think of Southern California the sounds and tastes of New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou mixed with West coast Blues and soul may not come to mind, nor a social club called the La La’s decked out and leading a festive Second Line parade in a place called Long Beach. But in fact they are several such festivals in these parts and one special one in particular, The Long Beach Bayou Festival, was just held June 18-19, and was their 30th anniversary! Generally held over Father’s Day weekend, this annual event delivers on many levels especially on being laid-back and friendly yet, with lots to enjoy for everyone. Along with the good music, of course, a charming grove location, 2 stages with large wooden dance floors, tempting offerings of fantastic food, and lessons, unique crafts and cool clothing, kids dance and crafty areas and just a sea of happy faces, this makes for a fun, festival destination.



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