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Gina SiciliaHeard The Lie, Gina Sicilia’s eighth album in 10 years, is so loaded with gems that it’s hard to believe that the material was written in a single month. But the prolific young songwriter said the 10 originals on the album are actually her favorites out of more than 20 songs she wrote—all in the month of December 2017. The eclectic and inspired album on Blue Élan Records, includes an uplifting ballad cowritten and performed with Grammy-nominated labelmate Janiva Magness and a smoky cover of Bad Company’s “Ready for Love.”

The album was the culmination of a long tour and then two months of listening to music nearly around the clock. “Back in September [2017] I got back from nine weeks on the road, took a break, and listened to music 24-7,” Sicilia says. “By the time December came I had taken enough time listening to music, and in December I had written 20-25 songs.”

The final collection of songs continues Sicilia’s tradition of writing music across a wide array of genres and moods, ranging from the R&B showstopper “How Many Times” to the playful Elvis-tinged “Sugar” and the bluesified “Angels Watching.” Sicilia’s duet with Janiva Magness, “Brighter Day,” is a soul treasure, and “Heard the Lie,” the title track, released as a single June 8, is a catchy Americana number with a heart-wrenching storyline.

“I’ve been making a transition to music that’s obviously influenced by blues and soul but has more of a pop sensibility,” Sicilia says. “If there is an intention, it’s to write songs that make it very apparent what my influences are but that have a hook.” That mission has been accomplished on this album, Sicilia says. She is very excited to deliver this set of songs to her fans worldwide. “I’m so proud of every song on this album,” Sicilia says. “Every song is a little bit different, the production is great, and the hooks are great. I can’t wait for everyone to hear them.”



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