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Order a Highlighted Festival/Event Listing!

Your festival or event listing will be highlighted and hyperlinked in 4 different media products: website, e-Guide, print magazine, and digital magazine!

Cost: $100/annual fee

Here is the direct link to Submit your Festival/Event posting



All for only $100! The very first step starts with you wanting your event to be a big success and to give your sponsors, cause, and bands, BIG EXPOSURE , and to drive ticket sales!

Step 1. Post your festival or event in the festival calendar on our top-ranking website: (no need to wait until you know your complete line-up, we just need your dates and venue. Your festival listing will be seen by thousands of visitors each month! Easy and free.

Step 2.  Let us know that you want your festival or event to be HIGHLIGHTED and we will send you a proposal and invoice.

Step 3.  Your Festival or Event posting will be highlighted and hyperlinked on immediately, and also in the weekly e-Guide newsletter calendar (weekly electronic newsletter with 40,000 subscribers) several weeks before your event date.

Step 4.  Your Highlighted Festival will then be copied into the back section of the print magazine (annual magazine with 100,000 free circulation throughout U.S. and Canada) in the festival calendar.

Step 5.  Your Highlighted Festival will then be hyperlinked to your website from our Digital Issue of the magazine for worldwide exposure!


RBA Publishing & Publicity, P.O. Box 920, Arcata, CA 95518

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