Ad Deadline – March 24, 2017
Street Date – April 25, 2017

Promoters that submit their festival on our website (free) by April 10 will also receive a free listing in the annual magazine.

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Mail Payments to:
RBA Publishing INC
P.O. Box 920, Arcata, CA 95518

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Before Submitting Ads

Before Submitting Your Ad, be sure it is complete….

  • check size
  • check resolution
  • proofread very carefully
  • label your ad file with the SAME company name you used when filling out the Insertion Order.
  • Submitting Electronically

Printing Resolution

  • Glossy cover pages will be printed at 133 lpi
  • Inside newsprint pages will be printed at 85 lpi
  • All photos must be saved at actual size at 300 dpi

Acceptable Programs

  • PDF Files Make sure file is saved as hi-resolution CMYK files (300 /300 /1200 dpi) and all fonts are imbedded. If file was created in Photoshop, leave file as grayscale.
  • Adobe Photoshop Submit 300 dpi or higher. Save as either .JPEG or .TIF file formats. It is OK to email RBG files (smaller file size); we will convert them to CMYK.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS 3 or Lower All fonts must be outlined. Placed image(s) must be saved and included with file. Deliver as an Illustrator .AI file.
  • In Design CS 3 or Lower (Mac only) Include all placed art and Mac fonts. Stuff complete folder before emailing.

Graphic Design Rate

  • In-house design services available. Approx 1-3 hours per ad $65/hr. Ads incorrectly submitted are subject to design/fix charge.

Submitting Ads (Email)


[tab title=”Tips”]
  • Make sure to include contact information in your ad such as address, phone, fax, email and website.
  • Ads that get the best results are clean and simple with an eye-catching border. Don’t overload your ad with too much – it makes it hard to read.
  • Do not use type below 7 points as as it makes it almost impossible to read.
[/tab] [tab title=”Terms & Conditions”]
  • Although we will pay close attention to every ad that we receive, we are not responsible for how an ad will look if it is sent incomplete or incorrectly.
  • Advertiser agrees to pay for advertising in advance of publication unless other payment arrangements have been made and are contracted on insertion order. Publisher will not be liable of any error in advertisement to a greater extent than the cost of the space occupied by the item in advertisement. Publisher reserves the right to reject any copy deemed inappropriate for this publication. Past due accounts are subject to 21% per annum (1.75% per month) on unpaid balance. In the event of non-payment, publisher shall have the right to hold advertiser and/or its advertising agency jointly liable for such monies as are due and payable to publisher. Payment by advertiser to its advertising agency will not constitute payment to publisher unless payment is actually received by the publisher. No discounts allowed after due date. Advertiser and its agency shall be jointly responsible for all content of advertisement including text, illustrations, trademarks, and any other matter, and shall defend, indemnify and hold publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement and any other claim or suit that may arise out of the publication of such advertisements. Advertiser and agency are presumed to have read this contract and agreed to its terms and conditions without further notice. Your signature on your Insertion Order or your ad submittal implies that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
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