Is This The World’s Oldest Electric Diddley Bow?

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Diddley Bow

Shane Speal, musician known as the King of the Cigar Box Guitar and marketer of instruments, instructional videos and more, did a live broadcast where he showed off his historic electric diddley bow. “Recently, I acquired an electric one-string guitar from the 1940’s from an eBay listing that everybody ignored,” says Shane. “The instrument is a simple one-string guitar, played with a slide and using the most unusual guitar pickup I’ve ever encountered.

Last week, I was asked to take over CBGitty.com’s live broadcast on Facebook at the last minute, so I gathered the diddley and a hoard of other instruments and went live.”

It was the the first time this diddley bow had been played in decades.

“I’ve started researching the parts that made up the instrument.” says Shane, “and discovered plans for it that were published back in 1945. I’m currently gathering info to write a big booklet about this discovery and how we can use this old technology for new, exciting instruments.”

He goes on to add, “If anyone knows a source where I can find pre-1940’s headphones (as used in the diddley bow video), let me know.”

Shane also demonstrates a lot of very unique and vintage instruments in this interesting video. Find the video here or on Facebook (to see the comments).

Find Shane Speal’s interesting musical products here. You can also find his music online.


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