Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation releases its first album of our Field Recording series

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Black Folk Music: God Is Good, Vol. 1 by Shelton Kotton Powe Jr is a Field Recording series produced and distributed by The Jack Dappa Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation, with the mission of preserving our traditional music, while raising awareness that all African American traditional music is of the people and by the people. From the Blues, to Sorrow Songs, to Negro Spirituals, Field Hollers, Corn Ditties and Songsters, it should be considered Folk songs that were literally born out of circumstance and not just composed. The fact that the cultural music of the African American is the reflection of the people and their traditions, The Black Folk Music Field Recording series highlights today practitioners of the traditional music.

You can buy and listen to Black Folk Music: God Is Good Vol One by Shelton Kotton Powe. 

Find the Black Folk Music: God is Good Vol 1 at these links:

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