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Kaye BohlerKaye Bohler has produced her dream album, Handle the Curves, with multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning producer, Pete Anderson. Every instrument and vocal line jumps clearly out to the listener in this clean, uncomplicated production that is free of mid-range, over-produced frills. Anderson envisioned and treated the tunes with a Stax-Volt style complete with big Memphis-style horns arrangements writen by Tonight Show trumpeter, Lee Thronburg. The soulful depth and tone of the Kaye Bohler voice, the songs, the masterful musicianship and the arrangements get the attention they deserve by a time tested producer on these 10 original compositions by Bohler.

Her songwriting takes you on a journey from introspection to blatant sexual double entendre and frivolity. Kaye Bohler has spared nothing in bringing her 30 year career to the next level with this recording. Numerous fans have coined the term the “White Tina Turner” when describing a live Kaye Bohler performance. Kaye has worked tirelessly to become the most authentic, athletic and powerful perfomer she can. With this, her fifth CD, her depth of soul is matched on this brilliant release, Handle the Curves.

More info: www.KayeBohler.com


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