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The Kelly Richey bandThe Kelly Richey band LIVE at The Blue Wisp melds blues, old school funk, and straight up in-your-face rock and roll, dishing up epic grooves and dirty, crunchy guitar riffs injected with a potent dose of thumpin’ and bumpin’ old school funk. The twelve-track album deftly mixes brutish blues guitar and gritty funk swagger for foot stomping rockers designed to bring the house down.

The tracks groove along a stripped-down but massive wall of sound, utilizing Richey’s pure, vintage guitar tone, Freekbass’ huge, monster bass lines and old school funk and hip-hop infused super-sized backbeats by Big Bamn. Augmented with Richey’s brawny gravel-studded vocals, the album roars into high-octane from the very first note. Combining Richey’s wicked fret board chops with the mighty funk master Freekbass on bass guitar, produces a sound that is truly an entity by itself. Add in Ken “Big Bamn” Smith’s expertly tight, hip-hop informed drumming and the combination drives the sound of the Kelly Richey Band into a new arena, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Eddie Hazel and P-Funk.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tobotius, who also lends his DJ scratching on three of the tracks, the album was recorded live at the legendary Blue Wisp in Cincinnati and captures the Kelly Richey Band at their very best; showcasing the band’s rich dynamics, high energy, and stellar musicianship. The Kelly Richey Band’s performance on this album is a searing knockout punch that delivers a tidal wave of full-tilt, in-your-face blues rock n’ roll, driven home with huge red-hot funk grooves aimed to knock you off your feet.

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