Live From Clarksdale Streaming Live Blues 365 Nights A Year

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Clarksdale Streaming Live Blues

(or however long this lasts)

(CLARKSDALE, MS) – Clarksdale welcomes people who travel from all over the world to the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the blues.  Our downtown has a rich tapestry of venues where you can hear the blues live – all 365 nights a year. As people stop traveling and we work to keep our community safe from the coronavirus, we’re creating new ways of staying connected and keeping the blues alive.

​Introducing… “Live From Clarksdale”  

​Many venues will continue to host live blues.  They’re just taking the watch party online. When venues can’t host live music safely, some musicians will invite you into their living rooms. As each watch party is scheduled, we’ll keep this updated with where to find them.  You can also follow us and the hashtag #LiveFromClarksdale on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a new kind of virtual travel adventure we’re embarking upon together. Buckle up and join us!

All Clarksdale-times are CDT and performances will also be livestreamed on Instagram when possible  @SharedExperiencesUSA 

Current “Live From Clarksdale” Schedule

​• Wednesday 4/8: Lucious Spiller’s Facebook page:  Lucci Spiller live 8-9:30pm  

​• Thursday 4/9: Lucious Spiller’s Facebook page:  Lucci Spiller live matinee for friends overseas 1-2:30pm

​• Friday 4/10: J.H. Sitton live on their Facebook and Instagram 7-8pm

​• Saturday 4/11: Lucious Spiller’s Facebook page:  Lucci Spiller live 8-9:30pm

​• Sunday 4/12: Mississippi Marshall‘s Facebook page: The Social Distancing Tour 1-2pm. 

Note: Marshall now hosts his Social Distancing Tour every Sunday at 1pm… until you can come Visit Clarksdale in person again!

​• Monday 4/13: Bluesberry Cafe Facebook page: The inimitable Lala Craig 2pm

Note: As always, Bluesberry will host every Monday.

​• SAVE THE DATE:  Something very special Saturday 4/18

More musicians including Blackwater Duo, David Dunavent, Sean “Bad” Apple and more coming soon…



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