Long Beach festival takes you to the Bayou

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Yes, it’s Southern California but it works. I had the opportunity to attend the 28th annual Long Beach Bayou Festival on June 22. The event runs 2-days and offers a wide range of Cajun, Zydeco and Blues artists. The festive and family-friendly vibe adds to the charm of this event which feels like you’re in a part of the Louisiana Bayou during a celebration. They have big dancefloors at each stage and also fun dance instruction in-between bands. In the afternoon a New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band kicked off a lively Mardi Gras-style foot parade lead by the King and Queen through the park which is made up in part to look like a bejeweled oak grove with fresh moss. Some of the Zydeco and Cajun bands infuse blues/roots into their tunes. We had fun dancing to the Creole Cowboys. The blues offering on Sunday ran the gamut of Chicago shuffles to R&B belter Sonny Green (a cross between Bobby Bland and Al Green), to heavy trance blues courtesy of Otis Taylor and featuring young hotshot Taylor Scott who was soulful and intense in his own right. We enjoyed, listening, dancing, eating and soaking up the warmth of the friendly and festive crowd, music and atmosphere.

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