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Mark WeenerMark Wenner’s Blues Warriors is the latest CD from Washington D.C. based blues harmonica master Mark Wenner, the founder/leader at legendary blues and roots band, The Nighthawks, has once again put together an exciting new side project with some of the D.C. area’s finest traditional blues musicians. This is the real deal played by cats that know the language.

The band features guitarist/vocalist Clarence “the bluesmen” Turner who is impressive with his deep roots. The other guitarist is the young gun Zach Sweeney. Mark met a very young Zach when his parents would bring him to blues jams. He recently returned from some serious road work with the great honky tonk man Wayne “the train” Hancock. Needing an upright bass to keep early styles sounding like they should, Mark called on D.C.’s world-class upright player Steve Wolf. Wolf brings his jazz experience in his many years playing damn near everything with the great Danny Gatton. Mark also recruited regular Hawks drummer Mark Stutso to form a swinging, shuffling rhythm section. His great, soulful vocals add even more texture.



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