Mike Zito’s Quarantine Blues is the Band’s Gift

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Quarantine Blues

“While flying home from Europe after all of our tours being cancelled, I decided the band and myself would record a free album for our fans,” says Mike Zito. “Individually, we had been quarantined for 14 days and this idea of writing, producing and releasing an album in the 14-day period seemed like quite an effort and a distraction for us. In return, fans from around the world contributed to our Gofundme and it has been an amazingly rewarding experience.

I hope our fans enjoy the album and the music we have written. I followed no rules. I wrote what I was feeling regardless of style or genre and used my feelings of fear, hope, love and rebelliousness to fuel my creativity.

I have collaborations with LA Guns and Guns n Roses founding member, Tracii Guns on the song ‘Don’t Touch Me’ and several songwriting efforts with my label partner Guy Hale. I left the ‘rules’ on the floor and followed my heart. I think these are some of the best songs I have written in years.”

The Quarantine Blues album is available, free to stream and download and is Mike Zito and his band’s gift to you! Enjoy!

Quarantine Blues on Soundcloud

Mike Zito Website


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