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Mr. SippMr. Sipp’s new album The Mississippi Blues Child takes you to a whole new level. With his mixture of melodic guitar riffs, soulful lyrics and sound, you see another side of Mr. Sipp. This will be the second blues album released, the first album, It’s My Guitar, was the official introduction of Mr. Sipp with all traditional mind and soul moving blues. The new project tells a love story and it’s so very easy to follow beginning with the bio hit song “TMBC” telling you exactly who he is and how he got to where he is today. Then the journey begins taking you through the relationship from the beginning to the end. Blues is a feeling and that’s exactly what love is and it’s so thoroughly expressed by Mr. Sipp on this album. It’s definitely one that you want to have in your collection. It’s one that you can put in the CD player and hit play “1” time and let it take you on the journey.

Mr. Sipp is no stranger to the entertainment industry. With over 22 years in the Gospel genre then he realized one day he was playing the blues all the time. He is a firm believer in Willie Dixon’s quote, “The blues is the roots, everything else is the fruit”. He knows that in some way or another the blues plays a part in each of our lives regardless to what we may listen to or believe. We all have the blues!! Mr. Sipp is definitely living the life that he loves and that’s MUSIC!

“Mr. Sipp’s The Mississippi Blues Child is the musical version of the perfect Gumbo. Start with a plate of R&B, add a splash of funk, two shakes of gospel, a dash of rock, and then slather it all in the Blues. 14 songs (13 written or co-written by Castro Coleman), that brings Mr. Sipp to a whole new level. You can hear the experience he has gained in his constant touring. His guitar playing is as smooth as ever. His vocals hug you with emotion and the band holds the groove the entire time. Whether he is telling you his story (“TMBC”), starting a party (“Sipp Slide”), channeling the classic R&B sound of the 60’s (“Hold It In The Road”), or bearing his heart (“Say The Word”), you feel as if he is speaking directly to you. To quote Sipp…on this one he “Knocks A Hole In It!”
– Vinny Marini – Music On The Couch

“Mr. Sipp and his band are one of the tightest, baddest bands around – entertainment with a capital E!” – Kyle Deibler

The Mississippi Blues Child has knocked it out of the park. This album is a testament to Castro’s growth and maturity as a bluesman, and certainly something every serious blues fan needs to own. – Mick Kolassa

Castro Coleman, a.k.a. “Mr. Sipp -The Mississippi Blues Child,” is an old blues soul in the body of a young, extraordinarily talented, musician and entertainer. His performances are captivating.  Fans just can’t get enough. He’s converting those who thought they didn’t even like the blues into rompin’- stompin’- jukin’- jivin’ BLUES LOVERS! Seasoned blues aficionados are thrilled with Mr. Sipp’s authentic style and delivery of the real thing. It’s early in his blues career, but Castro Coleman is blazing a trail and becoming one of Mississippi’s greatest assets and exports.

– Shirley Waring / Vicksburg Blues Society

Mr. Sipp has a very special place in my heart. He is loved tremendously by me and my family. We are so proud of this CD, The Mississippi Blues Child. With his amazing talent and energy, he expresses his love for music and feeding the soul through “knocking a hole in it” in every section of the world. With our love and blessings. – Hildreth Dunklin (Nana)

Mr. Sipp is not only a great leader; he is a great entertainer as well. Mesmerizing moves and soulful sounds, we never know what’s going to happen next and just as the audience, we’re in amazement as well. Each and every show is different!! We are all very blessed and excited to be a part of Mr. Sipp’s great movement. – TeamSipp



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