Music Documentarian Mako Funasaka of Talkin’Blues Releases New Podcast Series

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Talkin' Blues Podcast

Editors note: Look for Mako Funasaka’s blues-roots related podcasts featured in your e-Guide.

Toronto ON – Mako Funasaka is a name music enthusiasts may already know based on his award-winning video productions under the banner of talkin’ blues, Rhythm, Roots and Soul and, more recently, with his work at Riddle Films. As more doors have opened to him across multiple musical genres, he’s come to realize that it is these conversations that are precious to him – getting to know and understand the artists and those connected to the music industry.
It is these ongoing conversations that Funasaka wants to expand on his original approach through further exploring blues, roots and R&B music by adding rock, jazz and classical music into the mix. Focusing in on the dialogue allows him to concentrate on an audio-only podcast – under the same umbrella of talkin’blues – while adding valuable insights from others working within the music industry. From photographers to journalists, record producers to label owners, Funasaka will stitch together a seamless production which will incorporate his patented levels of interest, intrigue and all-round education about the music we love. In fact, the new series will open –  beginning in January of 2016 – with conversations including the president of Electro-Fi Records, Andrew Galloway, singer-songwriter Shakura S’Aida, photographer Joseph Rosen, jazz/blues pianist Henry Butler and the likes of blues legend Bobby Rush.

For fans of music from all walks of life, the news of this fresh podcast idea couldn’t be better. For Funasaka, it has always been about the relationship of one talking to another, illuminating personalities and providing insights along the way.

Adds Funasaka, “I’ve always enjoyed the interview process and sometimes felt restricted on how much of an interview I could use on a video project. This audio podcast provides me with an opportunity to give the listener more – by bringing them into the interview setting itself.”

Funasaka plans on harvesting his rich library of past conversations while adding to his catalogue using present-day conversations with those who matter to the music – and with those who are making positive strides within the music industry at large. He approaches each topic like a fan and it’s his enthusiasm which drives his approach. Stay tuned – you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

Starting January 14, 2016 at the iTunes Store or www.podcasts.com (search: talkin’blues)



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