New CD release from Rare Union Band, Times They Always Change

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New CD release from Rare Union Band

Rare Union Band just announced the release of their new CD called Times They Always Change. Rare Union was born out of the chaos and isolation of the pandemic. These unique and talented musicians came together from five states. They recorded a deeply personal album, Brother of Mine, which went to the top 100 in 2022, on RMR Blues/Rock charts.

Rare Union is proud to now have released their second CD: Times They Always Change. All songs are original compositions and lyrics. The guitar work by Martin Cage and Max Soler is incredible; the cello adds vibrancy to the mix and the percussion is spot on. Danny Carol on drums and LA Smith on percussion put this CD over the top. The lyrics by Max Soler will make you smile.

New CD release from Rare Union Band

LA Smith – Percussionist from Rare Union Band

LA Smith, a Conga, Bongo, and Hand Percussionist from NYC, is experienced in blues, pop, rock and salsa music. Smith is considered a legend by musicians in Costa Rica.

LA Smith’s first instrument was the accordion. He subsequently studied piano, and in due time, was playing countless piano recitals. LA first performed bongos in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square in New York City at age 12. By the time he was 17, LA was performing with folk singer, Mary Mac, in sundry New York bars.

Over time, LA has played with many notable artists and festivals from coast to coast. LA has additionally taught percussion workshops to kids around the world.

Times They Always Change is surely another personal album for Rare Union. The album features a daring mix of percussion-driven, Blues-Rock with revealing, soul-bearing, heartfelt vocals.

Rare Union Band has done it again!

Times They Always Change is a CD that everyone can relate to! For more information about the band and to hear and purchase their music, visit their website.

New CD release from Rare Union Band