On August 3, 2019 Blues History will be made

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PCH Club

(LONG BEACH, CA) Not dissimilar to the date in 1951 when Mick and Keith first performed at Wentworth Primary School or July 6, 1957, the historic occasion when John met Paul, the next generation of the blues comes to the PCH Club in Long Beach, California (Golden Sails Best Western, 6285 E. Pacific Coast Highway) on Saturday, August 3!

Don’t miss the next generation of blues torchbearers when 6-String Showdown and Stellar Shows present 21-And-Under, starring the best young blues guitarists in Southern California

If you can picture Stevie Ray Vaughan at 16 or Buddy Guy when he was 21, this is a celebration of the best 21-and-under blues musicians behind the Orange Curtain!

This ain’t no guitar school recital. This is 9 of the baaaaaddest guitar slingers on the So Cal Blues scene. Each of these youngsters has been battle tested in 6 String Showdown regional competitions, performed on venerated stages up and down the Coast and come through with flying colors in order to be invited to be here tonight. If you can picture Jimi at 16, with Eric when he was 14 and Stevie at 20 sharing the same stage, on the same bill, that’s what tonight is.

The one in ten years, you will still be bragging about to your friends.

We will be featuring 9 of the hottest blues artists on the scene – all 21 or under! Hosted by 6 String Showdown legend, 21-year-old Ryder Green – 2016 Golden Gate Blues Society IBC Winner and NorCal Best Bluesman of the Year 2019, the young cats have raised the bar.

21 y/o Johnny Agundez hit the ground running at the LA Regionals of 6 String Showdown Season 2 and walked away with first place, the Tagima grand prize, and blew away the judges with his talent and performance! The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to 6SS Season One sensation Steven Taylor, 21, whose dad is Kim Wilson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Totally fabulous on his own, Steven’s new record Moving On is available on iTunes and he may have a few CD’s with him to personally autograph.

16 y/o Andrew Ryan and 15 y/o Rahul Nedunuri will always be mentioned together after their memorable faceoff in the very first round of Season One of 6 String Showdown, when they went head to head, back and forth, trading licks til ultimately the judges sent them to sudden death overtime. Andrew has the looks and swagger of a Rock God and the licks to back it up. After his appearance at 6SS Season One, Rahul was approached by Crooked Eye Tommy to appear at the Ojai Bowl Full of Blues!

14 y/o Kyle Taylor appeared seemingly out of thin air to be a legitimate contender in 6 String Showdown LA County and wowed the judges with his technique, skill, and tone! Among others, he caught the eye of Season One participant, Beano Mojohand who invited young Mr. Taylor to open for him at the Arcadia Blues.

Despite 14 y/o Xander Marsden’s boyish appearance, he’s already been playing and composing for over half his life. At the Season Two San Diego Regional, the young two-time Downbeat Magazine winner left a burning hole in the stage! Before becoming a teenager, Xander has had the good fortune of playing with or learn for some of today’s most highly regarded guitarists, including Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa, Monte Pittman, and Robben Ford.

13 y/o Justin Walter is one cool cat with the confidence and demeanor to back it up. When faced at the Kern County regional with Bakersfield’s finest guitar dog, the legendary Brett Cox, he never faltered and while he didn’t win he never missed a beat going lick for lick with this seasoned pro. Word around Temblor Brewing was that this baby faced assassin performed better under pressure than many players 3, 4, and 5 times his age!

We take particular pleasure in welcoming everyone’s fan favorite, Austin Thomason 12. Since jamming with Israeli Blues musician Lazer Lloyd at an Orange County Blues Society event, this kid has played all over Southern California. Don’t let his age fool you; he has the soul of an elder statesman of the Blues!

Promote the Future of the Blues with us and come down to the PCH Blues Club at The Golden Sails on Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach, just the other side of the Orange Curtain!

Tickets are available at 6stringshowdown.com           


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