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Biscuits and Blues

Ernest Hooper/Tampa Bay News

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) — I found myself trekking through the hustle and bustle of this city’s famous Nob Hill neighborhood with a group of friends last week, and little reminded me of home.

Born and raised in Tallahassee, the five of us — the fellas forever — traversed the hills and strolled with eyes wide open as an array of folks purposely walked with that gritty look you can only find in a busy downtown.

Not far from Union Square, around the corner from the iconic Starlight Room, down the way from the Fairmont Hotel once featured in the television series Hotel (yes, I had a crush on Shari Belafonte), we stepped into a place befitting the big city feel of San Francisco.

Biscuits and Blues, nestled between a Jack In The Box and a Mongolian eatery and sporting a checkerboard exterior, welcomed us with downtown panache. Down the stairs and into the bowels of a place that just oozed cool, we dined on New Orleans-style cuisine and prepared for the night’s show.

When the barefoot guitarist took the stage with his three bandmates, I could ask myself only one question… … Read entire story about music appreciation…



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