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Peaches and CrimeThe gang is back and their third release is just as full of musical diversity and theatricality as the last, if not more so! Peaches and Crime, known for their old timey and dramatic flourishes, have released Do Bad Things, yet another astounding album that takes you on a journey of sound and emotions with colorful characters, riveting stories and even comedy skits as a preface to their dark sense of humor that shines through every song, courtesy of lyricist Daniel Schwartz. His wife, Angela Schwartz transforms these sagas into many diverse musical escapades.

The impressive vocal prowess of Angie Diamond soars atop the musical anecdotes of lost love, tall tales and even crime and punishment. She is backed up by Abbigail Pins on trombone and Young Catherine on clarinet. Their tight three part harmony is refreshingly present in most of the songs. Bassist Honest Stephen Longfield, provides the very active and melodically interesting bass lines while the piano stylings of Mikey the Fist range from smooth, swinging jazz, low down blues to classically inspired. The contributions of Ross’ percussion serve to do so much more than just keep time, with unusual flairs and using the drum parts as part of the storytelling to paint a picture. Finally, the comedic presentation of The Professor and their suave master of ceremonies, Danny Black, sets the stage for a performance from a glamorous bygone era that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

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