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Rev. Billy C. WirtzLive and direct from the First House of Polyester Worship, the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz delivers with moving music and stories that only he, in his divine wisdom can bring to the great unwashed, the sinners and do-gooders alike. As we all know the Rev. Billy usually works alone as he needs no help in bringing the truth and healing powers of music to those in need. A very serious acoustic blues piano player in the mold of his mentor Sunnyland Slim, and accomplished song writer of great depth and wit, he can boogie and preach the blues without the need of a net!

But in these troubling times he has brought in the support of friends and seasoned veterans the legendary Nighthawks, whose 45 years of traveling the world has given them a keen insight into the troubles of the times. Together they raise a little hell in an ‘electric studio session’ for a few tunes while the remainder of the record finds them in a live acoustic setting with a lively audience. Also there to lend a hand are special guests Bobby Driver, Li’l Ronnie Owens and Steve Riggs, battle hardened one and all.

Featuring fan favorites with a new twist as well as new songs for the weary this CD is sure to please. If you’re already a fan you know the wonderment that awaits you. If your new to his greatness, then hang on for a divine time.



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