Wow, Laura Chavez on the cover! She is one great guitarist, and is a great friend to the blues. My wife Rose and I have seen her, but not since Candye passed. I wish her all the best, and thank you for a great blues news format, Burt

From Facebook

“I applaud your awesome cover with Nikki Hill and Guitar Goddess Laura Chavez!!!”

Greg Waterston

Kaati ,  My 2 boxes of this years 2018 Blues Festival Guide arrived at my doorstep (  via U.P.S. ) less than an hour ago ! !   Again congrats on another classy, informative and educational issue ! !  Here’s to AT LEAST  16 more years ! !     They will be circulated in N.E. Iowa, parts of South East Minnesota and South Western Wisconsin .   Absolutely … James P. Ronan c/o D.A.S.Y. Productions –  Dance And Stay Young

I know what it’s like doing something where you seldom hear back from others so I try and make a difference in that way. Don’t often get time to read through your newsletter so today I did, during my down time, and just wanted acknowledge how much I enjoyed it!


Cora Price

Fraser Valley Blues Society




I would like to compliment The  Blues Festival Guide on the excellent information provided in the magazine. I appreciate everything that is done to make this magazine special.

Thank You, Daniel Liguori

Thank you much for your help with our first annual event! It was an Overwhelming Success!  Some 1,200 people at last count  came out for Blues, BBQ, and Sweet Potato Pie (they sold out!). I know you folks helped to make that happen. So, here’s a Great Big Shout Out to BLUES FESTIVAL MAGAZINE!

PS, Your logo graced our stage and the crowds Loved having your magazine on site… we coulda used more!

Thanks so much. Til next year!


Hi Heather

Yes you can change the address to my email.  I did put in an order of 250 this year through that email sent to PCBS.   The address is correct too.  You are too good! Hahaha The Blues Society is correct too.

We just had show with Curtis Salgado, he was awesome and we had a packed house.  This is our 8th year.  Pretty proud of ourselves.  And we were discussing how grateful we are for you guys and your mag.  People love it – it opens up a world of blues artists that we may never otherwise heard of.  A thousand thank yous to all at Blues Festival Guide.  : )


Keep up the GREAT work in 2017 !  What A FANTASTIC PUBLICATION !  WE here in the UPPER MIDWEST  always look forward to the annual issue –  Be SAFE & WARM this Holiday SEASON  ! !  Absolutely !

James P. c/o  D.A.S.Y.  (  Dance And Stay Young Productions  )


This is great. Really fast, accurate turnaround, and it looks fine. Please pass on our thanks to all who make these things happen at BFG! And thanks to you, too.

Lan & CFBS


I just wanted to tell you how much we all value your publication and eagerly look forward to seeing you in Memphis next week.  Over the years you have really shown so much dedication to alerting everyone as to the ‘goings-on’ all over the country and for this we are grateful.

Personally, if I am planning to attend one of the many festivals, you are the GO-TO guide that puts it all together.

Thank you for your service to all in the music industry.

See you in Memphis!

Be well; stay inspired ~


Suzanne Swanson



Photojournalist/Music Industry Consultant

Southside Johnny Productions LLC.

Thank you, you all do a great magazine!
Brenda Seely

Dear Friends,

On behalf of everyone involved with destination Blues – including the hundreds and hundreds of people who enjoyed the music this year – Thank You for your enthusiastic support of the Festival. We very much appreciate a partner such as the Blues Festival Guide.

We have already started to make our plans for the third annual Destination Blues, and we will keep in touch with you: We look forward to letting you know all of the details about the Festival in February 2016!


Oren B Helbok

Dear Kaati and Team

Thank you for your reminder – somehow I hadn’t got round to listing this year’s Freedom Creek Festival, so your email much appreciated.

Also appreciate all you do to help spread the word about the vibrant US blues scene.

Hope all is well and best wishes



Thanks so much for the well-written response.  After many years of publishing the magazine, RBA has earned its positive reputation amongst the industry – and we are happy to siupport your efforts.
We are confirmed – print ad, everything that you originally proposed.
Rich Sherman
President, Omega Events, Inc.
NOTE – New Omega HQ
27782 Vista del Lago, Suite C28 • Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 362-3366 x201 • (949) 202-9383 (mobile)

The Legendary Bobby Rush Salutes Vietnam Veterans Day

Hi Cheryl:

Thank you ladies for the MBS post! Donations picked-up within a week of your post.


Check out this video on YouTube

Tomorrow’s show is shaping up nicely!

I know you were very helpful to us in getting this show sold.  My analytics show 482 referrals from your banners and eblast and the last eblast for the show had 61 referrals.

Thank you so much!  This week we sold over 50 tickets which was really needed.. Thank Thank you and you will be my first call next Blues or Reggae show!

Shelby French 
Marketing Director, Uptown Theatre, Uptown Theatre Shows/Blues Brothers

Thank you so much for this.. In the last 2 days I have seen a significant increase in ticket sales due to your efforts.  MUCH appreciate your partnership.  Have a great weekend!

Shelby French
Marketing Director, Uptown Theatre

January 2015

I am thrilled with the response to my ad. Thanks!

Liz Mandeville, lizmandeville.com

Mon, 24 Feb 2013
I thought you might like to know that we have had an increase in web traffic since running the ads. It’s not a lot, but some. The day after the first ad ran, we had 72 hits on the blueshouserecords.com website, which is up from 5-20/day. The day after the custom eblast went out, there was an increase in traffic to about 58 hits. On both days, there were residual upticks in visits for a couple of days. About 11% were referred directly from the ad that ran, 10% from Yahoo, 10% from Earthlink, 8% from Verizon, and 49% unknown. I assume they may have been from the banner on the blues.org website, or something like that. Or maybe that where the Yahoo ones came from. I think they use Yahoo for hosting, as I do. There are a few things out there that have the website’s address on them, so that 49% undoubtedly came from places like midwestrecords.com, etc, that list the web address.
We also ran an ad with another company that claims to have 17,000 subscribers with a link to the charlesdavismusic.com website and there has absolutely no increase in traffic and no referrals from their newsletter.
Of course, that reveals how much more effective your newsletter is and to me says something about how many of your subscribers respond immediately to the ads. I suspect that quite a few may be like me and not open the newsletters until a day when I have time to.
In terms of percentages, the newsletter seems to have driven traffic up by about 250-400%, which is a good deal to me. In terms of numbers, it’s not a lot, but in percentages, it’s substantial.
Charles Davis Blues Band
Fri, 15 Feb 2013
Phoenix Blues festival doesn’t happen for about 3 weeks but I want you to know now how happy I am about the e-mail & the web site. They looked so good! Thank you so much for working with me and please thank Robyn especially for her patience! I will let you know how it turns out afterwards.
Thanks again,
Sharon Green
Mon, 14 Jan 2013
Sherri Fuller
“Thank you so much for featuring Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers in your newsletter! Ray Fuller was signed to tour Europe in 2014 and we have been very busy …. Blues Festival Guide proved to be our best decision in advertising; so much more impact for the money! We are thrilled with the results of our Blues Festival guide Email ad campaign and received festival bookings within an hour! You can count on us for at least a half page ad by the March deadline!”
-Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers, Cols OH, www.rayfuller.com
Sat, 26 May 2012
Please send off 50 copies of your 10th anniversary issue to my home / office address :
James L. Ronan 106 Saint Lawrence Street c/o D.A.S.Y. Productions Decorah, Iowa 52101
Congrats on this milestone in publishing !
Always look forward every year to having them available to all the blues fans here in the Upper Midwest !
Has it really been 10 years ? !
Thanks again
” Shameless ‘ James Dance And Stay Young !
Fri, 11 May 2012
I would suppose you already know, but the 2 big outlets in Minnesota to send a bunch to:
Wilebski’s Blues Saloon St Paul and Famous Dave’s Blues Club, Minneapolis.
Luke Welsh Director of Marketing
Red House Records
501 W. Lynnhurst Ave / St Paul, MN / 55104
651-644-4161 office
Tue, 1 May 2011
Cool, I’ll keep a look out for this Fridays Eguide. Thank you guys for being the best blues magazine in the world!
Doug, Blind Willie
Thu, 5 Apr 2011
Happy Birthday to Blues Festival Guide!
Hi Kaati and crew…. Its a Wake up Call for me too…….Ten Years…….Wow, give us another Ten and then………Hope you celebrated with balloons and streamers, and of course, a fine bottle of Champagne. Happy Birthday, Congratulation and Happy Anniversary all rolled up in one. Thanks for Keepin’ the Blues ALIVE.
Your friend in distribution in South San Jose, Best Regards , Jim Horne
Fri, 30 Dec 2011
Here is an interesting Marketing fact. I was looking over the website stats for Shane’s website. We average 4700 “server requests” per day. Each time we send a BFG E-Blast (for the past 3 months) our “server requests” jump to an average of 48,500 for that day. On Oct 28th we had 11,000 in just one hour (right after the e-blast went out).
This number does not necessarily represent individual web hits, it represents how many times the server was requested for the website…. it could be each different page viewed, etc. But the bottom line is that our overall web hits go up 10 times the day we send an eblast.
Robby Z representing Shane Dwight
Tue, 7 Jun 2011
I’m getting lots of fan mail on the article (Tales From The Road) I wrote for the 2011 Festival guide mag. One letter was from Miss Blues who said she cracked up and loved it. Passed the link on to her whole mailing list. Michele, I give you a lot of credit in this popular piece. You helped me so much in getting it condensed and refined without ruining it, and your layout and color scheme and photo use and overall appearance is excellent. It makes it easy to take in at a glance and an easy read. Kaati, I know you added your advice and touches in this too, so to both of you, thanks for the opportunity and my salute for a job well done.
Carl Gustafson
Blind Dog Smokin’
Hey Michele,
Thanks for the opportunity.
Bill Wax
Proprietor of Low-Fi’s Bar and Pool Hall in the heart of Bluesville
Dear Yvonne,
Your “Blues Festival Guide” is one of my most favorite emails that I have subscribed to. Even though there isn’t much action in our immediate area of Freeport, Illinois, we aren’t that far from Quad Cites, Dubuque, Madison, Rockford and Chicago that we can’t see some great shows now and then. This last summer we even saw the Cash Box Kings(Love that harmonica!) live at our summer monthly downtown venue called “Music on Chicago”, where Chicago Street is blocked off for music, food and drink.
Please let the rest of your staff know what a super job they do in publishing your newsletter with all its HOT links.
Keep The Blues Rolling!
Rich Montgomery
Freeport IL
10/10: Nancy, Thank you very much for all of your hard work on this.. We really do appreciate it.. You did a great job!! Looking forward to meeting you. – Debra Lyn, For Big Bill, Morganfield

9/10: With two Meta shows prior to this one, we had a good idea what to expect. With the extra awareness caused by utilizing Reggae Festival Guide we were able to double our initial goal. -W. Weinman

5/10: Wow – that’s great! I have already been getting emails from people, including CD sales, people wanting to buy tickets to my show, etc. Very fun! Thanks! Melonnee Desiree.
5/10: Hi Cheryl: First of all, I want to say thank you to you, Nancy Edwards, and your team for helping me with my BLUES FESTIVALGUIDE ad and EMAIL BLAST. Nancy was SOOO helpful and very patient with me with the Email Blast and also answering some music biz questions – she is so knowledgeable and experienced, and even though I have played music for many years, I feel like such a novice and “babe” in the business, at least as far as taking me/my music to higher levels. I continually find )in all areas of life), that the more I learn and know (or think I know :), the more there is for me to learn and know! You were most helpful also. Both the ad and the EMAIL BLAST ad – look GREAT!!!! By the way, I just got my boxes of the hard copy magazines, today and they look great. Thanks so much again to you, Nancy and all your staff. Take care – Melonnee, ComeTrueMusic Productions
5/10: Hi Nancy: Well, after the EMAIL BLAST went out today, I started getting lots of emails back including a radio station that wants a CD and a “one sheet”. Thank you for the info you had previously provided to me about this…as you offered, could you send me some samples of “one sheets” that I could look at? Thanks very much – you have been very helpful! Melonnee
Thanks for all your help and follow up. We are a satisfied advertiser and hope to do business with you again in the future. Take care, Don Ray
The Blues Festival Guide is our bible. We use it all year long, not only as a show guide (daydreaming about summer festivals when there’s snow on the ground is a nice hobby), but as a valuable research tool in planning for the WVBBF, as well as for bringing performers to town as they pass through on their way to shows throughout the year. We could do it without you guys, but wouldn’t want to try. –Kate Close, Left Coast Productions, LLC, Willamette Valley Blues & Brews, www.wvbbf.org 
12/09: I track all my online ads and the Blues Festival Guide online provided a huge amount of traffic for the dollar, and people who were motivated to buy tickets. –Steve Pasek, Chicago Blues Tour
5/09: Hello: Thanks for sending us a shipment of the Blues Festival Guide for our Visitor Information Center in the Lincoln Oasis on I-80/294 in Illinois. We have almost exhausted the three box shipment, and people enthusiastically comment on the guide. Thank you again for keeping us in mind as a distribution point for your guide. Yours in the Blues, Bob Lukens, Bob Lukens, CDME, PR Manager, Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau
5/09: Many thanks for this. I’m sending this out to our mailing list. Great resource for the blues music lovers of the world. –Rod
5/09: Kaati, looks very good, and your advertisers get 2x the exposure. Brilliant! EVENTS411.NET
5/09: Excellent work, I applaud this year’s edition and the way your influence continues to go. There is nothing like seeing someone who really deserves it succeed. Thanks, Frank Beaty, Beaty Four Entertainment, Inc
5/09: Thank you so much! What a wonderful resource (Digital Magazine) you have provided! Dave Herrero / daveherrero.com
5/09: Hey Diana: Just checked the Digital magazine out and yes this is COOL! Still checking it out! Thanks for the link! Nancy / allmemorylanemusic.com
5-09: you ladies and gentlement did a great job at laying this out and getting everyone to play! Love it! Thanks for what you do for the Blues community. Blessings, Now rest! Sista Monica
4-09: Excellent Job Kaati! Way to keep expanding the magazine and keeping up with the times… Roger Naber, CEO – Managing Partner, Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise
3-09: Thanks for all your organization is doing to promote the blues and blues festivals!! Pam Bricker, Greeley Blues Jam (Festival) 6-12 & 13th, 2009
3-09: You guys should be so proud of what you have accomplished with this magazine. I remember when you started and I sent you my little database of festivals that I used for band booking. I’m proud to say I knew you when and I know you now! Take care, Onnie aka Lavender LaRue – hahaha!
6-2-08: We got a 5 star rating From About.com: Blues! Visit Website
Dear Blues Festival Guide- Now that we finally picked our dates for the 1st South Beach Blues Festival March 27-30th 2008, we’re ready for marketing. Thanks to Nancy, who months back, sent us a copy of your great magazine. Best J. Moriarty
I just want to thank you again for a wonderful publication and the e-mail news that I receive from you all. It is such a pleasure to keep up on what is going on across the country and all over the world, and it certainly wets the appetite to pack the bags and go see some great shows all over!! Thank you!! Chef Gail, Tuesday morning blues dj, Breakfast With the Blues, KRVM 91.9 FM
For what it’s worth, as a founding member of the Blues Foundation, a former officer and board member that worked hard from 1981 to 1887 trying to build the Blues Awards and the blues industry from the grass roots up, and that had to hear repeatedly that the industry would never achieve what we were trying to do at that time — you guys are the epitome of what we had worked so hard then and worked and hoped would happen from the work that was done at that time. I think you guys are doing a great job and keep it up! Bill Lusk of BillLuskMusic.com
THANKS FOR THE FOLLOW UP! Just trying to get it up asap….we get TONS of hits from your site….may try to buy a banner this year…. Charlie Barrineau, 2007 Greenwood Blues Cruise, cityofgreenwoodsc.com
Subject: I PUT YOUR LINK ON OUR SITE!! Hi Nancy, Hope you remember me. I put your link on our homepage and our link page www.bluesexperienceband.com. I am certainly tooting my own horn because I was one of the winners of the “Why I Love Blues” Essay contests and I am bragging about it on my site!! ;). I absolutely LOVE the Blues Festival Guide and I promote you guys every chance I get. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!! Will I see you at teh Riverhead Blues Festival? It’s a biggie and we will be playing there!!! Much love, Sweet Suzi
Hello, Our Hot Blues and BBQ posting on your website has generated 24.1% of our total website hits for the last month! Thanks for the add and keep up the good work. Steven J. Allen, www.hotbluesandbbq.com
My husband and I are in Vancouver, Washington and spied on your magazine in one of the shops. At first I thought it was a magazine that was information on Portland’s Waterfront Blues Festival that is held in Portland, Oregon over the 4th of July Weekend. Needless to say I about plotzed as opened it up and each page got better and better!! What a fabulous guide to MANY MANY MANY blues shows and info and articles to boot!! I volunteer each Tuesday morning at our local community run radio station in Eugene, Oregon, KRVM, (www.krvm.org) and host a show called “Breakfast With The Blues”. Not only am I a HUGE fan of the blues, I am fortunate to be able to share the awesome music with folks in the Willamette Valley and beyond. It is SUCH a pleasure. Finding your magazine was just a super rush for me and I can’t wait to take it in the station and share it with the other blue’s dj’s. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this and we have a LOT of blues lovers in our area and fondly call our hometown “Blueugene”. Thanks again for a wonderful guide to read and share. I can’t WAIT to get on the air and tell our listeners and some of the wonderful festivals coming to our area and beyond. I have been truly inspired!!!! Thanks again and all the BEST! By the way, I am the only girl dj who hosts a blues show at our station, and it is always fun to show those guys a thing or two! 🙂 I am so looking forward to sharing this wonderful guide with them too. Thanks again–this has truly made my day! Gail Weber, www.myspace.com/breakfastwiththeblues, www.myspace.com/womeninmusic
Good Morning – Received our copies of the guide today. It looks great, and thanks for the nice placement on the ad. Regards, J. Meinhardt, Hal Leonard Corporation
Hi Laura, Great, I sure don’t want Not to pay for your great services!! You guys are the best!!! You run a great site and you treat your customers in a very nice and prompt way. Thanks in advance! Eva/Padda
Congratulations! You certainly deserve the KBA for publishing. The BFG is an outstanding publication that serves a great purpose for thousands of blues fans. Phil Chesnut, Blues Images
Congrats! You all put together a great magazine and this honor proves it :O). Stay Soulful, Renee’, Village Voice NYC Eddytors Choice TOP 10 Female CD’s of 2005, MN Music Awards Best Blues Artist, BluesWax Artist of the Year Nominee, 2004 WC Handy Best New Artist Debut Nominee, 6 TIME MN Music Awards Winner (2002 – 2005) www.reneeaustin.com 
Hi, I received your festival guide last year at the Handy Awards AND thoroughly enjoyed it – i attended so many blues festivals that i otherwise would not have known about! Sandy, RiverCity Blues Society member in Peoria, Il
CONGRATULATIONS from CABS to all those involved with producing The Blues Festival Guide on winning the KBA award for print. That’s a very impressive honor for such a young publication! Way to go!! Blues rule!! Bonnie “Queen B” Stebbins, Capital Area Blues Society, www.cabsblues.org 
Amy, Congratulations! You and your staff deserve the honor. You have developed a very usefull and proffessional magazine. The adds I have placed with you have generated intrest far beyond my expectations. Glad to be on board for another issue. Paul Filipowicz Bluesman, Pres. Big Jake Records
Congratulations to the Crew! John Earl & Shirley Williams, The Blues Company, Las Vegas, NV
Congratulations on your achievement! And thank you for your help with Chicago Blues Reunion. Julia Delia, Out The Box Records
Hi Amy — A heartfelt congratulation! — Mick Martin
Congrats! We too have received a KBA award for the best Blues organization. Keep up the great work! Steven J. Allen Detroit Blues Society
Dear Nancy – Thanks for the note back. Big congratulations to you for your KBA for the great work you are doing the with Blues Festival Guides. I use the publication all the time to stay a breast of what is happening when. I look forward to have a great time at the luncheon in Memphis in January. Have a great holiday and best to all at Ruf. Thanks for all your support over the past 12 months. Bill Wax, Proprietor of Low-Fi’s Bar and Pool Hall, Bluesville – XM Satellite Radio
August 3, 2005, Kaati & BFG Staff: We hope you have had as good a year as we have. We have managed to maintain a healthy profit margin and once again, insure the future of the Cape Fear Blues Festival. We are certain that your magazine played a role in our success and we appreciate your confidence in our efforts. Lan Nichols, Director, Cape Fear Blues Festival
I love that you know Michele. Isn’t she a marvel on stage? And for you to end up working with her on the Blues Festival Guide – wow! I must say, I refer to the guide frequently for booking agent info, festivals, and sometimes even artist contacts. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Thank you for helping with such a quality publication! One of my goals is to eventually get some of my work in there. All in time, I’m sure. All in time. Joan Hunt
We got a bunch of the BFGs to distribute down here. People eat that sort of thing up! What’s proven most handy is the blues societies listing in the back. I regularly encourage folks who are traveling to other areas to contact the local blues society for information on clubs and events in that area. It’s a beautiful thing. Especially when I get emails after their vacations. “I contacted the blues society in XYZ city and was turned on to the ULTIMATE blues experience while I was there.” That makes me so happy! I mean, if I’m heading to Detroit or Cleveland, I can ask a friend who lives in the area to find entertainment for me. They have no clue as to what’s available. By contacting the local blues organizations, they can get a much better idea of bands and venues catering to their needs. May your weekend be filled with great music and much sunshine, Joanie
Hi Nancy, Got your magazines, and you were right. They went like hotcakes. Am sure I could distribute 2 or 3 boxes instead of just one. I pored over every page and wanted to commend you and your staff for the layout. Thanks again, Kelly, Los Angeles
We did get several boxes of these Festival Guides and passed them out at our Madison Blues Society 3rd Annual Picnic at the end of June. We really appreciate it and so did our blues fans. Kate Hardy, Secretary Madison Blues Society
To Blues Festival Guide; Thank you for choosing my entry as a Third Place Winner in the “Win a Festival Cruise2 Contest. I am really enjoying the Delbert McClinton CD! Thank you for sponsoring contests such as this one, with such great prizes. Sincerely, Norman Roberts
Thank You For My Autographed Copy of Elwood’s Blues – Interviews With The blues Legends and Stars! You too, have a great summer. G. Topps, Elgin, IL
Congratulations on putting together another great publication. Take care. If you are in the area know that you are always welcome as my guest. Barbara Strauss, Sovereign Ventures Inc., Sarasota, Florida
I didn’t realize what a great tool the Blues Festival Guide was. I wish I had ordered more. I distributed them at the James Burton Guitar Festival in Shreveport, LA and they went like hotcakes. Of course, I pointed out my ad to everyone who got one. Rich Sims, Diddly Squat Band
Faye here from the Silver City Blues Festival. Recently received the latest issue and as I leafed through it I saw how much it has grown and improved since the first issue. I particularly enjoyed the article on The Blues Jam and the fact that you list the festivals by date and then by advertisement. Anyway, I would like to get an updated fee schedule from you as I plan my promotional plan for my Memorial Day festival in 2006. Also, when does the Guide hit the stands? I do remember the first year out we had it in time to distribute at our event. I’ll also need the dates for artwork and space reservation….. Thanks! Faye McCalmont, Executive Director, Mimbres Region Arts Council, Silver City, NM
Thank you so much for picking my name as a winner in your “Win a Festival Cruise” contest. I’m enjoying the Delbert McClinton CD very much! Once again, thank you for your generosity! Have a great day, Meredith Purintun, Logan, Utah
Hello Amy Darling and Blues Festival Guide, I see we are on line on your nice guide ! VERY, VERY THANKS. We wait for you and BluesFestivalGuide’s friends, in Sicily, for next summer! Best Regards and wishes by President & Art Director Blues&Wine, Joe Castellano
Laura: I just have to tell you that all the blues festivals and other types of wine festivals, etc. have been well supported by the magazine. Great job in getting it out.
BC & The Blues Crew
E-aston, PA USA
I was just checking in to be sure we were still on the list to receive copies to distribute this year. The festival guide was well received by all, a very nice publication. I noticed you all working the Bluesfirst/IBC in Memphis, I heard lots of good comments there too.
Chris Puyear @ MO Blues
Your comments mean a lot to us – keep them coming!
It’s a great looking publication and frankly, sorely needed.
Janiva Magness
Los Angeles
As a blues artist, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all of the information on your site. There is a real sense of your passion to support the Blues community. Thanks for helping keep our music alive and well. You help keep bread on the table, and for that I am very grateful.
Craig Thompson
Big-T and the Bada-Bings
I am not sure where to direct this so that you all can get the props that you deserve, but I LOVE your publication! In promoting great blues talent, with all of the roles that one person often has to take on such as personal manager and booking agent and road manager and band counselor, band chef, clothes presser, referee, map maker, PR specialist, educator, professional nanny, etc. it really helps to have such great information compiled into one easy place.
Nicole Voorhees
Johnny Reed and The Houserockers-Toledo Ohio
Thank you for sending the Santa Barbara Blues Society copies of your guide to give out. We loved the guide and I personally learned of events and attended them because of the guide. I would like to get the reggae guide as well. The blues guide is an excellent publication. Thank you!
Jessica Kolbe
Santa Barbara Blues Society
I got many a phone call on this; I guess your site works! The dates for the Boundary Waters Blues Festival are wrong on your site.
I think you guys did a great job. Anybody who didn’t advertise in it this year will certainly consider it next year.
Take care,
Blues 2003
Great feedback on the guides and even talked with Chicago fest goers from around here who were totally impressed with the book. Way to go…an auspicious beginning for the guide me thinks!
Neil Sexton
Trinidaddio Blues Fest
Trinidaddio Blues Hour (KCRT 92.5)
Neil Sexton here and just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the Guide! Great work and I am thrilled that Trinidaddio is represented. Our major “postering” effort happens in early June and our folks will be taking guides with them to all locations who will accept them. Great job!
Neil Sexton
Trinidaddio Blues Fest
Trinidaddio Blues Hour (KCRT 92.5)
Thanks so much for contacting us about being included in your 1st Annual Blues festival Guide. Great Job! We passed them out at our monthly meeting last night and everyone was very impressed. As Deborah Coleman told me a few weeks ago, if it wasn’t for the Blues Fest she’s not sure how artists such as herself could survive because there seems to be fewer club venues for blues artists. Enjoyed the stories that compliment the ads so well. Be sure and include us next year!
Billy Austin
Editor, Blues News
Blues Society of Tulsa
The delivery just arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did a fabulous job and we are so proud to part of your first issue…
Best wishes,
Debbie Bond
Director, Alabama Blues Project
Hi Michelle,
Just got a copy of the Blues Festival Guide! You go Miss Editor! I loved your Harmonica Matchup. I got all the right!