Southern California, June 2018, 6 String Showdown – Celebrate Blues Guitar!

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Presenting the Summer’s Biggest Event! A head to head blues guitar competition, New Blues Festival presents 6 String Showdown.

This is not a battle of the bands. This is a head to head blues guitar competition, an authentic guitar celebration.

This summer, the Long Beach Blues Society, Orange County Blues Society, and the New Blues Festival have teamed up to present the 6 String Showdown, a series of regional guitar competitions to crown Southern California’s all-around best blues guitar player on the Main Stage of the New Blues Festival Sunday, September 2nd.

As an added incentive, the Long Beach and Orange County Societies have teamed up to offer a special 50% discount to all guitarists who sign up for either the LB or OC regionals between now and June 30.

Just use the drop-down menu to choose the $50 option. Spots are filling up fast.

Judging will be based on skill, not speed. Criteria are tasty licks played with feeling, phrasing, personal expression, tone, timing, dynamics, reflection, and solos that tell a story.

Judging will be based on three criteria:

Technique 30% – Showmanship 30% – Audience responses 40%

Diana Rein, San Gabriel Valley Regional Judge has this to say, “I am excited to be a Judge in the 6 String Showdown because it will be a wonderful day to be among my most favorite people in the world! Guitar players and musicians! It’s truly an honor to be involved to see all of the great talents that we have brewing here in Southern California and beyond.”

Other regional judges include; Artur Menezes, Joey Delgado, Kenny “Big Daddy” Williams, Johnny Main, Bernie Pearl, Betty Rose, KK Martin, and Lightnin’ Willie.

Orange County Blues Society President, Papa J, Long Beach Blues Society President, Bob Barr, Los Angeles Blues Society Representative, Ricky Z. Rip Cat Records A&R representative, Kay Kay Jagger and blues guitarist Steve Artea will be judging the Semi-Finals.

With Gregg Wright, Ray Goren, Anthony “Fingers” Naranjo, Mark Sells and Oklahoma Ollie as Chief Judges at the Finals.

Bracket rounds to determine regional winners will be held at:

Campus Jax, Newport Beach, CA, Sat 7/21 3 PM – 11 PM

Arcadia Blues Club, Arcadia, CA, Sat 8/4 6 PM-midnight

Remember. Audience response counts for 40% of the judging. Get your Tickets Now and Cheer Loud!

Four semi-finalists will face off on the Golden Groove stage at the New Blues Festival on Saturday, 9/1. Two finalists will go head to head on the Main Stage on Sunday, 9/2, before a crowd of 8,000 including bookers, club owners, A&R execs, record label owners and radio personalities who will be on hand for meet and greets.

One winner will walk away with over $5,000 in cash and prizes, including a guaranteed paid spot on the Main Stage at the 2019 New Blues Festival.

Semi-Finals Judge, Papa J believes The 6 String Showdown is a great way for players to get out and showcase their love of the blues.

OC Regional Judge K.K. Martin concurs, “I’m more interested in hearing guys play with their heart & soul than I am in their note selection. Sign up, let me hear what you got.”

AND, each night immediately following the Main Event, the evening’s judges and the winner will open the stage to all musicians for an open jam and a once in a lifetime opportunity to trade licks with the likes of great blues guitar legends.

Bring your axe, your keys, your bass, and your horns, these are bound to be the open jams of the summer!

The enthusiasm engendered by 6 String Showdown has grown contagious.

“I’m looking forward to the showdown! I joined 6 String Showdown because—Women are underrepresented!!!” says ABC competitor Kimberly Allison. SGV Regional participant Seth Loveless signed up because, “I thought that it’d be a cool opportunity for me to meet some cool guitarists and for people to hear my unique playing style.” Ryder Green, an OC competitor adds, “Well, I just love playing guitar and hanging out with other guitar players. I always learn things from others and really dig it when we can share ideas and help each other get better and better.”

When you sign up, what else is in it other than the sheer joy of playing with other great axe- men and women?

6 String Showdown has partnered with The Sweet Relief Musicians Cancer Fund and will be donating a portion of the registration fees making this truly an event by musicians for musicians.

Each entrant will be provided with personalized PR for the length of the competition, including print, radio and a personalized web page on the 6 String Showdown site. All competitors will receive professional publicity shots from well-known blues photographer Rebecca Bogdanoff. Plus performance video for promotional use by acclaimed music videographer Casey Reagan and MusicUCanSee. Semi-finalists and finalists will play before 8,000 and be privy to a meet and greet with bookers, club owners, A&R execs, blues record label owners and radio personalities. And one winner will walk away with over $5,000 in cash and prizes, including a guaranteed paid spot on the Main Stage at the 2019 New Blues Festival

Reserve your spot now at the website before the regional events fill up.

And fans, purchase your tickets before these events sell out! Campus Jax: Tickets!

Arcadia Blues Club: Tickets!

As OC Chief Judge Kenny Big Daddy Williams says, “Sign up for a chance to prove all that practice does pay off.”

New Blues Festival Presents 6 String Showdown is online at our Facebook page and our website.



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