St. Louis Blues Society and the Mission Fund relief

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St. Louis Blues Society and the Mission Fund relief

The St. Louis Blues Society and it’s Mission Fund is helping with food, grant support, and someone to talk to at a time when many might have the Blues. The St. Louis Blues Society is a local not-for-profit that has been around for 35 years. “Its main goal is to support the blues musicians and cultural heritage and support the musicians who play here,” said Chairman of Board St. Louis Blues Society Jeremy Segel-Moss. The pandemic has affected Blues players and singers and the society has stepped up with some noteworthy assistance. Now there are new relief grants of $250 available to help with utilities, rent, or medical bills.

Through the sale of limited edition Cbabi Bayoc prints along with the Gateway Resilience Fund and the National Blues Museum, more than $100,000 have been given to Blues musicians. Alonzo Townsend, Coordinator St. Louis Blues Society Mission Fund was proud that the first painting in house for the fundraiser was of his dad Henry Townsend, the legendary patriarch of St. Louis blues and Grammy winner and himself a former St. Louis Blues Society Board member. The 2nd print is available here as well as merchandise with all proceeds going to help St. Lois area musicians in need.

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