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Stolen HeartsLike his namesake suggests, Robert Johnson has been to the crossroads and back. Somewhere along the way he found blues woman, Pam Taylor, on her way back from her own crossroads. Together the blues and southern soul-infused duo have been wowing crowds with their infectious original spin on American blues and roots music. They stole each other’s hearts and now they are stealing hearts of fans with their Dirty Southern Soul. This jazzy, kind of folk-rock tale tells of two musicians; who they are and how they came to be with an honestly that inspires and heals.

Both raised in the Carolina’s, the lives of Pam Taylor and Robert Johnson Jr. took a number of twist and turns, along with many ups and downs, before their musical paths crossed. Rock artists with heart; their vigorous and vibrant performances take you on a journey of their lives through their unique sounds. Their song lyrics reveal that life hasn’t always been pretty but it has certainly provided a lot of material for their on-stage living-room-style comedy routine where, like life itself, there’s always room for silly jokes even though sometimes things can get serious.

Music, to them, is healing. Stolen Hearts have witnessed, first hand, the spiritual benefits of music, enjoyed by both artists and audiences alike. They want their audiences to feel loved and appreciated. They truly are grateful for their gifts, having suffered many trials and tribulations

Pam was mentored on guitar by the legendary blues woman, Debbie Davies and Roberts natural ability to easily play any instrument he picks up catapulted these two powerhouses when their former bands dismantled in early 2014.



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