Studebaker John :: SONGS FOR NONE

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Studebaker JohnSimply put, this is a great album. It combines a simple blues/folk style that is comforting to the ear.  John’s songwriting ability continues to impress with thoughtful lyrics, combining grit with simple truths about everyday life. His silky smooth harmonica interweaves gracefully with the simple yet elegant guitar to compliment the legendary Studebaker John vocal style. This entire record was initially conceived as a tribute to the mighty blues masters of the past and John’s love of their songs shines through brightly. The obvious influences on these songs include the likes of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jukeboy Bonner, Big Joe Williams and later musicians like R.L. Burnside. John also recorded this on analog equipment to more closely capture the sound everyone was used to back in the days of early Americana. This album is a beautiful answer to the modern day digital utopia.

This record is a must for any fan of Studebaker John.   – ThunderBlues Radio.





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