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Ted Hefko and The ThousandairesGas Station Guru is the fourth album from roots and rhythm ensemble Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires and was recorded in his hometown of New Orleans. The record feature Mem Shannon who lends his distinctive syle to “Two Vices.” Pianists Sherman Bernard adds his authentic New Orleans feel to “Ten Dollar Hat” and “The Next Train” features contributions from members of the Cajun band T’Canaille.

Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires stir up an intoxicating brew of the profound and the profane. Of virtue and vice and most importantly the volatile in-between. Ted’s songs explore hope and hustlers, saints and strays, drifters and the down-and-out. The Thousandaires – with Hefko on vocals, guitar and tenor sax – bring these stories to life with the spontaneity of jazz, the rough-hewn, bare-bones tone of the backwoods folk songs and the raucous vibrancy of classic Louisiana R&B.



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