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Teeny TuckerPut On Your Red Dress Baby is a brand new 2018 CD by Teeny Tucker. It is soulful, dynamic, laced with edgy humor, and emotional songwriting. It tells stories of broken love and internal resolve. Twists, and turns are the order of the day along with some fun interjections for good measure. It’s Teeny at her very best!

If you like to dance, there’s plenty here for you. You may be reminded of fun times of past dance floor flourishes along with a reminder of a “call and response” to Tommy Tucker’s (Teeny’s Dad) 1964 classic song, “Hi Heel Sneakers” honoring its recent induction into The Blues Hall of Fame in Memphis, Tennessee.

Teeny personally accepted the HOF honors and during her acceptance speech, she recalled her most recent visit to her father’s gravesite. As she cleaned the mud from his grave, Teeny was reminded of the haunting words from Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “One Kind Favor” which is included in this set.

For the most part, Put On Your Red Dress Baby encompasses emotional needs which beg to be heard, loved and understood. Dysfunctionalities, heartbreak, conflicts, and disagreements with people you love are all fair game for the inspiration for blues interpretations.

There is even a song which describes divine intervention from listening to that inner voice which comes from a prayer made on your knees in a sacred place, with your head bowed, seeking an answer to a difficult situation.

Also on this CD, you will hear a story which inspired a young boy to fall in love with the blues when he heard the guitar styling of B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix. That little boy (Robert Hughes) is playing all of the guitar leads on Put On Your Red Dress Baby.

Teeny is thrilled to share the music which originated from the poorest people in the richest place in the world.

You, the listener will be enriched by this all new 2018 Teeny Tucker CD!




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