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Terry Robb

Confessin’ My Dues is the 15th solo recording by Terry Robb who is hailed as one of the finest fingerstyle blues guitarists on the international scene. Drawing from the well of country blues to Coltrane, ragtime to Hendrix, Americana to American Primitivism, Confessin’ My Dues represents a lifetime of musical experiences and influences for Robb. Whether backed by his all-star band or flying solo, he moves deftly between instrumental tunes and lyrical numbers in 13 original compositions ranging from blistering instrumental blues and stunning ragtime fingerpicking to soulful singing backed by a powerhouse rhythm section. 

“Every release that Terry Robb puts out is a cause to celebrate,” says Greg Johnson, president, Cascade Blues Association. “There are not many guitarists in the blues or any genre that you can come by that are as detailed and clever with their creativity. Confessin’ My Dues is yet another example of Terry Robb doing what he does best – leaving us with a sense of awe and joy with every note he plays. It’s a winning formula that continues to lead the pack.”



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