The Birthplace of American Music Festival June 19-21

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The Birthplace of American Music Festival June 19-21

(CLARKSDALE, MS) – Music has the power to unify people and cross borders. The Birthplace of American Music Festival, aka BAM Fest, is a music and food festival in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi June 19-21 composed of local artists, musicians, and a collective of downtown juke joints and Blues clubs. This festival is created to pay homage to the roots of American music, the Blues, and pay tribute to genres that grew from it. 

The BAM Fest will take place in over 10 different venues in the Downtown Clarksdale area with multiple live performances in all the area juke joints, blues clubs, event centers and staging areas for this festival. Some of the best Food in the Mississippi Delta will also be available.
Live performers will also grace the MLK stage area making the BAM Fest one of the 1st festival hosted on this stage. This Street food festival will have not only Live music but also live broadcast on local radio stations and can be streamed worldwide. 

An important fact that ties blues music to black communities is that it has visible roots in Africa. It was a way early slaves could express themselves and communicate when being forcibly relocated and when there were restrictions on what cultural activities they could pursue. In a time where their world was being turned upside down, music served as an escape and form of communication and expression for early black communities. The ability of music to act as a binding factor provides the culture with a strong sense of connectivity.

This festival, in it’s full capacity, will also provide resources and initiatives to help better the community. This will be history in the making. Come be a part of it.

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