The Difference A Recording Can Make – Patty Tuite

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The Difference A Recording Can Make – Patty Tuite

I may be stating the obvious, but as a songwriter I can’t stress enough how important recording a new song is.  Songwriters tend to have dozens of snippets in their heads at any given time, but until they get recorded, they can remain dormant simply as ideas, or possibly lost forever. I have tried out new songs with bands and it’s hit or miss as to getting all of the ideas realized. I concentrate on my own playing and it’s hard to absorb song as an entire piece. Once it gets recorded, however, it’s a whole new ballgame. It becomes a concrete piece of work.
There’s a big difference between home-recording and studio recording, as well (another obvious statement). You may save some dollars by keeping the recording process low-key, but using a studio with a good producer is well worth the expense. Not only is the quality of the mixing and mastering far better, but the input and collaboration of working with someone outside of the band can have a huge impact. Once the recording is completed, it’s a standard to use in live performances. Going on creative tangents from the recording in live settings can be a thrill, which is why concert and festival settings are great. Audiences appreciate both the skill of playing the song and the ability to take it somewhere new (and come back to it). Playing a song without a recording of it makes it hard for the audience to remember it, so make high-quality recording as often as you possibly can!  
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