The Mighty Mojo Prophets and the story behind their CD as written by David Mac

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Mighty Mojo Prophets

Sometimes we go too fast, work late hours, are distracted with personal stuff, etc. and then, after-the-fact, realize we made an unfortunate mistake. Well, I’m here to publicly apologize for one of mine. In the Dec 8, 2016 e-Guide, I had grabbed some descriptive phrasing from the internet (CDBaby) about an original CD, Record Store, by West Coast blues band The Mighty Mojo Prophets. It was super late, I was rushing to wrap and then I unfortunately overlooked the name of author at the very end, one David Mac of Blues Junction Productions, neglecting to give him proper credit.

Record Store is worth your attention, as is writer David Mac’s album review, which really does capture the essence of the band’s righteous history and their sound and style. Please click this link to The Mighty Mojo Prophet’s CDBaby site and scroll down to Album Notes. Read and enjoy the review in full… you won’t regret it. Might as well pickup the album while you’re there, too!

Thank goodness for writers like David Mac who are so passionate about the blues and able to express themselves so poignantly… go ahead, checkout his website!

Let’s keep moving the blues forward…

Your head-bowing e-Guide editor Michele Lundeen


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