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The Reverend Shawn AmosLos Angeles-based soul brother number one, the Reverend Shawn Amos, continues his mission to preach joyful blues to the world on his third album, The Reverend John Amos Breaks It Down. When asked to write a short reflection describing the album and what he means by calling it a collection of 21st century Freedom Songs, this is his response: “this album was born while on tour through the American south during the spring of 2017. Driving through Tennessee and Alabama, I was reminded of my color, my otherness. I was drawn to how we pull ourselves apart while needing each other so badly. I revisited the freedom songs of The Staple Singers while visiting the ghosts of Birmingham and Memphis. Time stands still and life marches on.”

The 9-song set that includes five original songs, 2 inspired covers, and a 3-track “Freedom Suite” that rolls out like a Sunday passion-play of inspiration, desperation and revelation. Amos was obviously inspired by tremendous turmoil and social unrest around the world today in his songwriting yet digging deeper into the lyrics reveals clues of admitted recent hardships in his home life. The result is an album that strikes a delicate balance between capturing personal challenges while capitalizing on the zeitgeist of this critical time in history.

The Reverend Sean Amos Breaks It Down, as an album of timely songs, will not only further his mission statement, but will also stand as a landmark artistic achievement for Amos and his career as a bluesman of purpose.

“These are songs that speak to the challenge of the times, the resilience we need to possess, and the commonality we all share. Freedom comes with trust. Trust is earned with respect. This is how I see things at the moment. I hope you take a look and join us along the way.“ Keep the faith, Rev



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