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The Rusty Wright BandRusty Wright’s progressive sound hints of iconic blues legends while staying contemporary and vibrant. Fresh and bold, familiar yet innovative – Fiery improvisational guitar/keyboard duels, catchy duets with soulful, soaring vocals and sly, tongue-in-cheek lyrics are the trademark of Wright’s blues-infused muse. Wonder Man, the Rusty Wright Band’s fifth Sadson Music release cements Wright’s legacy as a diverse songwriter who defies easy description or categorization.

Rusty, the band’s namesake and primary songwriter, has drawn on his family’s Southern roots and a wealth of blues, southern rock and legendary blues rock influences to craft his uniquely ‘bluescentric’ sound that leans on multi – genre songs and showcases his flamboyant guitar style. Wright does an amazing job of creating a signature style and sound all his own that fuses naturally with whatever song it is applied to.

As with past releases, Wonder Man delivers a sweeping spectrum of sound ranging from the snappy horn arrangement of the title track to the heavy Lo-fi vibe of “Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman;” straight up blues ala Freddy King on the track “Gonna Come A Day;” “Arms of Another,” which would sound at home on a Robert Cray album; the high-voltage, quirky but fun “Chinfoot Ball” and “Black Hat Boogie;” to the retro-style sing along chorus on “Love’s Gonna Treat You Right” make, Wonder Man a strong crossover that works for blues, rock or jam aficionados.

“Imagine a sonic suitcase filled with the best of Gary Moore, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers Band, Bonnie Raitt, and a little Fabulous Thunderbirds, shaken and stirred so that all of them become the foundation for a whole new sound to be built upon. Open the suitcase and then stand back, because that sound, its range, and the wallop it packs will blow you away.”





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