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Snarky Dave & The Prickly Bluesmen :: BIG SNARK

Posted: October 17, 2013

Snarky Dave has been there and back…writing about his life experiences and putting them to modern blues riffs. As a creative word master and songwriter, Snarky Dave’s motto is “I won’t write a song without a worthwhile message.” After writing snarkcastic lyrics for years, he decided it was time to produce Big Snark. “I’m not a jukebox and I’m no Guitar Hero”, Snarky says. As his name states, this guy is a true Snarky a$$...but he comes by it honestly and his Snarkcasm is sprinkled throughout his work.

He doesn’t play cover tunes, “been there done that”, but The Big Snark is an awesome-seasoned player who sells himself short on his guitar prowess. All of his songs originated from his acoustic magic and his rare collection of hand-crafted Taylor guitars by Bob Taylor.

A guy with “snarkosis” can be a little bit OCD, so it took Snarky Dave over a year to bring Big Snark to press, in order to perfect his unique sound. Bringing in the best musicians and long-time musical compadres, Snarky Dave got the exact sound he envisioned for each song. Together, with equal focus on the detailed-branding, the “snarkmeister” delivers the man, the music and the packaging perfectly. As goes his favorite saying, “nothing is better for thee than me”, Snarky Dave’s sense of humor keeps everyone amused during his grand-live performances of Big Snark.

The tunes on Big Snark were meant to have messages - see if you can find them. Let the Snark begin!

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