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Scream Guitars can be Customized with your Logo or Art

The Perfect Gift or Award for any Celebration
Scream Guitars are playable guitars and basses that are wrapped, engraved or hand-painted with artwork of your choosing, including logos, photos, paintings, tattoo reproductions … and any other graphic you might imagine or desire.

Envision a custom, electric guitar with the entire face portraying - in vivid color - your company logo, a photo of your band, the colors and emblem of your favorite sports team, your tattoo, or a collectible piece of original art. Scream Guitars provides you with that custom designed instrument, at a price below those of other handmade and individually designed guitars.

Our customers include bands, record labels, bars and restaurants, corporations that use them for employee awards and client gifts, retail stores, sports teams, rock band fan groups and many more. Scream Guitars offers its own stock designs, as well as custom designs of your choosing.

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