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Posted: September 26, 2013

*Great Lakes Blues Society:
Local blues Artists competing in the “Road To Memphis”  

The Great Lakes Blues Society (GLBS) will conduct its fourth annual blues artist competition each Sunday in September beginning the Solo/Duo sets on Sunday, September 22nd , 2013 @ 4:00 pm at the Eastside Bar and Grill at 750 Hamilton Rd., in London. The Bands will compete the next two Sundays (Sept. 29th and Oct. 6th) at the same venue with the same start time. We will then host the Finals for our “Road to Memphis” on Sunday October 13th at 3:00 pm at the same venue. We do not anticipate a completion time any later than 8:00 PM on any of the dates. There will be a minimal entrance charge of $5.00 per person, with the fee going directly to the winning entrants for their Memphis expenses. The same goes for our 50/50 draws and the proceeds from our Signed Artist Guitar Raffle. The winner of the competition will represent the GLBS at the 30th International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, Tennessee from January 21st to January 25th, 2014. 

Stephen Cole| Coordinator, Media Relations GLBS 519.652.3181  
Denis Burns | Chair, GLBS 519-657-5746
Dave Harland | Chair, Road To Memphis Competition 519-701-1669


*Central Iowa Blues Society: Calling all Blues Bands

Since 2005, The Blues Foundation has celebrated unsigned blues artists through a competition called the "Best Self-Produced CD" of the year. The act for this competition can be a solo, duo, trio, choir, full band or other combination. The purpose of this award is to assist Blues musicians in the pursuit of their professional goals. This award complements the International Blues Challenge-the live music component of IBC Weekend.
 Entries for the Best Self-Produced CD are permitted by affiliated blues societies only.

- Each blues society is allowed only one entry.
- The CD entered does not have to be performed by the band entered in the 2014 International Blues Challenge.
 - The eligibility period is the same as for the Blues Music Awards-the CD must have been released during November 1, 2012 - October 31, 2013 time frame.
- Interested bands should submit 4 copies of a CD that fits all the criteria to CIBS by October 15, 2013.

Submit CDs to: Central Iowa Blues Society, P.O. Box 13016, Des Moines, Iowa 50310-0016
For further information: Complete rules are available at:
CIBS Talent & Research Coordinator, Philip Snyder @


*Central Valley Blues Society: CVBS / Blues Lovers Newsletter to go Monthly

Hello Blues Lovers, I am in a very mixed mood as I start Newsletter #600. Time flies when you having fun. The mixed part comes in my decision to make the Newsletter into a Monthly mailing instead of weekly. There are so many other avenues with social media I feed its very crowded in hyperspace land. The website will still continue to do weekly updates thanks to the Amazing HAL KENT who I couldn't do any of this without him. Also, MARC BLAKE of Swords of Creation who has been supporting and the newsletter with his servers, knowledge and support. His servers are the backbone of you receiving the newsletter week after week. I also want to thank my wife Susan for all her support and always proof reading the newsletter so it goes out making sense.

What I need to make really clear is that we still need the bands and venue's to send us your gig updates as soon as you have them. Even cancellations are important so we can keep the website as accurate as possible.
The New Monthly Newsletter will be going out on the LAST WEEK OF EACH MONTH FOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH. So please don't hesitate in getting your show submissions to us.
With that being said, please continue to enjoy the Newsletter and please help us increase our membership by sharing the newsletter with others so they may want to join.
Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart for your continued patronage to

Keep On Groovin'
Don Heflin
Central Valley Blues Society

*Connecticut Blues Society:  Regional IBC Solo/Duo Challenge Begins Sunday
The CTBS regional IBC Solo/Duo Challenge begins Sept 29 at The Pine Loft Cafe. This is the Society’s 10th Annual challenge. Eighteen blues acts are participating this year. The event will be held over three Sundays, September 22 and 29 and Oct. 6, with the finals on Oct. 20. The challenge begins at 5 p.m. More info here