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         dba BLUES FESTIVAL GUIDE                                   Dear Blues Family,
         P.O. Box 920, Arcata, CA 95518 - 707/630-3304                             We  find  ourselves  in  this  strange  time  caused  by  a                       worldwide  pandemic  –  losing  our  normal  routines,                             social  interactions,  sense  of  security,  jobs  and  even
         TO HAVE A COPY MAILED TO YOU                           loved ones. Our hearts go out to you all. In a time of
         Send $9.00 ($14.00 overseas)                           crisis, comfort can be found in the kindness, generosity
         PUBLISHER Kaati:          and  humanity  that  shines  through  hardship  and  fear.
         EDITOR Irene Johnson:     From essential workers on the frontline, to celebrities
                                                                using their influence to fundraise donations, to everyday
         BLUES FESTIVAL E-GUIDE NEWSLETTER EDITOR               people  making  protective  masks  and  gear,  to  artists
         Michele Lundeen:               giving concerts from their living rooms for audiences
         SALES MANAGER/MARKETING DIRECTOR                       they can’t see – the selflessness and compassion is what
         Cheryl O’Grady-Yearnshaw:             binds us together. And yes, music binds us together like
         EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS                                 none other.
         Pascal  Bokar  Thiam  Ed.D.,  Anita  Schlank  Ph.D.,  Eric  Steiner,  Roger  Stolle,
         Victor Wainwright, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Mitch Woods
                                                                With  so  many  festivals  postponing  or  canceling,  we
         PHOTO & ART CONTRIBUTORS                               thought  for  a  moment  we  may  not  print  the  annual
         Courtesy Pascal Bokar, Lou Bopp, Courtesy Cali Blues & Folk Festival, Arnie
         Goodman Photography, Ck Harrington, Courtesy Jimiway Blues Festival, Courtesy   Blues Festival Guide magazine this year. But our readers
         Jus’ Blues Music Foundation, Erik Kabik, Richard Kaby, Bryan Ledgard, Michael   objected, in the kindest way – we’ve received countless
         McGrath, Sachyn Mital, Matt O'Brien, © Joseph A. Rosen, Bob Sekinger,     personal  calls  and  emails  to  check  in,  and  have  been
         © Marilyn Stringer, Tagles                             bombarded with magazine orders. It seems the more
         ADVERTISING SALES                                      we all sat at home, the more we thought about music
         Cheryl O’Grady-Yearnshaw, Tom Andrews, Heather Penrod-Rudd  and its ability to generate well-being and connection.
         Heather Penrod-Rudd                                    Artists,  too,  have  come  out  with  tons  of  new  music
         ADMINISTRATIVE/DATABASE MANAGEMENT                     during this time of social isolation. One of the best ways
         Heather Penrod-Rudd                                    to connect with each other and our favorite musicians
         DISTRIBUTION MANAGER                                   is through live stream concerts, and the Blues Festival
         Heather Penrod-Rudd:  Guide  website,  e-Guide  newsletter  and  social  media
         DESIGN & PRODUCTION/WEBSITE Goran Petko, Aqua Design   platforms were quick to offer all artists free advertising
         STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Andrews, Marilyn Stringer      space to support this connection.
         CONSULTANTS                                            Even  though  festival  offerings  are  slimmer  this  year,
         Nancy Edwards, Michele Lundeen, Tom Yearnshaw
                                                                there  are  still  quite  a  few  events  planned  for  the
         The opinions of the contributors are not necessarily the views of  summer  and  fall.  Additionally,  we  are  pleased  to
         RBA Publishing Inc.
                                                                continue  to  bring  you  engaging  editorial  from  your
         FRONT COVER                                            blues  community  –  you’ll  see  that Victor Wainwright,
         Based  in  Kansas  City,  MO,  the  stunning,  deep  blues-soul-roots  singer  and
         bassist Danielle Nicole (née Schnebelen) is truly a force to be reckoned with.   Mitch Woods, Reverend Billy C. Wirtz and Roger Stolle
         Her raw performances, both live and recorded, are soulfully captivating. Many   are among our feature contributors this year.
         knew her first from the family band, Trampled Under Foot (TUF), which won
         1st  Place  Band  at  the  2008  International  Blues  Challenge,  garnering  them   Will  canceled  and  postponed  festivals  be  able  to
         worldwide recognition. In 2014, TUF went on to win the Blues Music Award
         (BMA) for Contemporary Blues Album, and Danielle was also awarded Best   bounce back? While we hold out hope, it remains to be
         Instrument-Bass.  By  2015,  Danielle  Nicole  formed  her  own  band  and  her   seen.  In  the  meantime,  let’s  all  continue  to  show  our
         subsequent releases peaked at #1 and #2 on Billboard's Blues Album charts.   kindness and support to one another, our blues artists,
         She's  a  multiple  BMA  winner,  Grammy  nominee  and  multiple  Independent   the  organizations  of  this  community  and  our  entire
         Blues Award winner from Blues Blast magazine. She’s soulful and skilled, and   blues family, to ensure that the blues keeps thriving.
         her passion is infectious. Here's Danielle Nicole gracing the Bluesfest Windsor
         stage in Ontario, Canada.
         FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHER                               Peace and Blues,
         © Brita Brookes,             Kaati & The Blues Festival Guide Team

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