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June 4 – July 30            Russell City Awareness Blues Series                      Hayward, CA

                                                        WELCoME To ThE

                                              RUSSELL CiTy AWARENESS

                                                            BLUES SERiES!

                                                Thank you for supporting the ongoing efforts
                                               to keep the history of Russell City Legacy alive!

                                                        All hayward concerts will be held at two venues:
                                                           The hERiTAGE PLAZA at 888 “C “Street or
                                                         hAyWARD CiTy hALL PLAZA at 777 “B” Street.
                                                         Across the street from each other (signage will direct you)
                                                           All Events - 2pm to 5pm - Free to the Public!

                       Saturday, June 4th                                    Saturday, July 2nd

                       opening Festivities                         The West Coast Caravans of All Stars
                 Russell City Memorial Blues Band                Sonny Green, Minor Williams, Terrible Tom,
                                                               Karl Bracy, Reggie Roll, Willie G and many more.
                       Saturday, June 11th

                   Twice As Good: Featuring:                                  Blues ~ Soul ~ R&B
                  American indian Blues Band                                  Saturday, July 9
                        Blues ~ Soul ~ R&B                         Michael Skinner & Final Touch Band
                                                                              Blues ~ Soul ~ R&B
                       Saturday, June 18th

                    Juneteenth Celebration                                    Saturday, July 16
                    Music, African Dance, Poetry                        Alvon Johnson Blues Band
                   Food Booths ~ Guest Speakers
                                                                              Saturday, July 23
             Noon – 6pm – Same venue as the series                  Salute to Russell City Blues Women
                   For Arts & Crafts Booths call:
                  510-472-8800 / 510-428-1047                         Russell City Blues Divas featuring
                                                                      Tia Carroll, Xymphoni, Baby Bee,
                       Saturday, June 25th                               Wanda Diamond, and Silkie

                        Sean McGroarty's
                 “Blues harmonica Explosion”                                Saturday, July 30th
                                                                             Closing Festivities
                Featuring: Silver Fox, Kyle Roland,               West Coast Caravan of Allstars featuring
                    David Matthew, Roharpo,

                    Big Harp George and more!                  Sonny Green, Minor Williams, Terrible Tom, Karl
                                                                    Bracy, Reggie Roll, Willie G, and more!
                        Blues ~ Soul ~ R&B

                                        510- 472-8800 /

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