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May 14 - Sept. 10            West Coast Blues Society Calendar                  SF Bay Area, CA

            SUMMER EVENT


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               or call Ronnie Stewart: 510- 472-8800

                           Saturday, May 14                                     Saturday, August 6
                            JB’S Lounge                                        Motorcycle Blues
                    9777 Lincoln Village Dr., Sacramento, CA                    The Marina Lounge
                        8pm –12am - Door Charge                           700 Main Street, #106, Suisun City, CA
                           Saturday, May 14                                 11-1 and 3-5pm - Door Charge
                African American Art & Culture Complex                          Saturday, August 20
                       762 Fulton St. San Francisco, CA                        Trilogy at Rio Vista
                         2 – 3:30p - Free Admission                        1200 Clubhouse Road, Rio Vista, CA
                            Saturday, June 4                                        2 Shows:
          Red’s Birthday Party/Peacock Lounge plus opening of                     3pm - 5:30pm
                                                                                  6pm - 8:30pm
                       Russell City Blues Series!                           (No Band Guest) - Cover Charge
                       522 Height St. San Francisco, CA                          Admission Tickets
                         7 – 11pm - Cover Charge
                                                                         Monday, September 4 & 5 – Labor Day
                           Sunday, June 19th                            Marin City 80th Birthday Weekend
                       Juneteenth Celebration                                 Sept 4: Gospel Celebration
            Main Street Park/Hwy 29 and Eucalyptus, American Canyon, CA       Sept 5: Blues, Jazz and R&B
                  Featuring The West Coast Caravan of All Stars                   Marin City, CA
                            Top Shelf Classic
                 A variety of music styles: Blues, Jazz, R&B, Gospel          Wednesday, September 7
                  Food trucks / Arts & Crafts booths and more!                     Club Fox
               Free (VIP for purchase: Special treatment and seating)              7pm - 11pm
                    1 – to 6pm  - A can't-miss celebration!!!              2209 Broadway, Redwood City, CA
                                                                         Live Recording and filming - Fillmore Slim
                            Sunday, July 3                                        Cover Charge
                    Red, White, and Blues Festival
                             11am – 8pm                                       Saturday, September 10
                       Alameda County Fair Grounds                        Crawdad and Catfish Festival
                       Pavilion Stage, Pleasanton, CA                                2pm
                             Fair Admission                           South Side Park , Sacramento, CA - Cover Charge

                          EVERy WEDnESDAy                                 FiRST SATuRDAy oF EACh MonTh
                         The Marina Lounge                                  Everett & Jones Barbeque
                     700 Main Street #106, Suisun City, CA                Enjoy award-winning BBQ and Blues
                         7pm –10 pm - Great food!                       126 Broadway, Jack London Sq., Oakland, CA
                   Come in and sing or play your Instrument        Enjoy the music of the West Coast Blues Caravan of Allstars
               Nicest club in the North Bay – 1st class sound system!           8 – 11pm  - No Cover
                             Cover Charge

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