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                                                                                                th                             the  Blues Festival Guide!  Over  the  years,  our  magazine                        has  developed  into  so  much  more  than  we  originally                             imagined  –  contributing  to  the  blues  community,
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         PUBLISHER                                              the while, our raison d’être remains centered on festivals.
         EDITOR                                                 Festivals  provide  a  chance  to  hear  the  music  of
         Irene Johnson:            longtime favorites as well as up-and-coming musicians,
         BLUES FESTIVAL E-GUIDE NEWSLETTER EDITOR               surrounded  by  your  festival  friends. Take  for  example
         Michele Lundeen:               Tom  Andrews  (ad  sales  rep  and  occasional  editorial
         SALES MANAGER/MARKETING DIRECTOR                       contributor  for  our  Blues  Festival  Guide  team);  Tom  is
         Cheryl O’Grady:                       the quintessential festival attendee. He carefully plans
         EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS                                 out his festivals throughout the year, and even bought a
         Tom Andrews, Wayne Baker Brooks, Bill Dahl, Courtesy Delta Blues Museum,   motorhome so he could bring along his cat. Tom packs
         Nancy Folgmann, Kaati Gaffney, Shawn Gonzalez, Shaun Murphy,      his stuff, sets his garden timer, brings the garbage cans
         Anita Schlank, Reverend Billy C. Wirtz                 to the curb, turns off the house AC, double checks his
         PHOTO & ART CONTRIBUTORS                               festival gear list – tickets (check), low-back chair (check),
         Bdarby78, Laura Carbone,, Gary Eckhart, Courtesy Fueling
         Musicians Program, © Howard Greenblatt, Grego, Courtesy HOROJO Trio, James   sun hat (check), beer (check) – and hits the road.
         J. Kriegsmann, Courtesy Shaun Murphy, Matt O’Brien, Bob Odhiambo, Pictorial
         Press/Alamy Stock Photo, © Joseph A. Rosen, Bob Sekinger, © Marilyn Stringer,   At  each  festival  he  regularly  attends,  Tom  reconnects
         Daryl Weisser                                          with his “festival family.” For instance, he has attended
         ADVERTISING SALES                                      the  New  Orleans  Jazz  &  Heritage  Festival  since  1976,
         Cheryl O’Grady, Tom Andrews, Joana LeRoque, Heather Penrod-Rudd  meeting up with the same folks at the Blues Tent every
         DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS                                 single year. Tom says, “Music is our common thread; our
         Heather Penrod-Rudd:  paths may never have crossed otherwise."
         Goran Petko, Aqua Design                               The community, music and tradition of going to festivals
         STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER                                     nurture his soul, as it does for thousands of others just
         Marilyn Stringer                                       like him. We at the Blues Festival Guide know that Tom’s
         CONSULTANTS                                            experience  resonates  with  most  of  you,  our  readers.
         Nancy Edwards, Derick Johnson, Michele Lundeen, Tom Yearnshaw  Experiences like these create traditions and memories
         The opinions of the contributors are not necessarily the views of  which, in turn, create meaning.
         RBA Publishing Inc.
         FRONT COVER                                            To  aid  you  on  your  festival-hopping  circuit,  we  bring
         Multi-instrumentalist blues siren Tullie Brae casts her spell from hard-rocking to   you the 20  annual Blues Festival Guide with dozens of
         silky smooth blues through her skillful writing, vast and soulful vocal range, slide   festivals (don’t overlook the big calendar in the back!) as
         guitar, piano and Hammond B3 prowess. Tullie is pictured here at the North
         Atlantic Blues Festival in June 2021 with touring and session bassist and singer   well as on our website – – where
         Calvin Johnson. Calvin has added his prodigious thunder and finesse to not   more festivals are added daily.
         only the Tullie Brae Band, but many other artists as well. Their energy here is
         the ultimate festival vibe!                            Keep on supporting your favorite blues festivals!
         Connect with them at and  Kaati, Publisher
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